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Trustees Talk Teaching

Trustees Talk Teaching

BRENDAN CLARK ’21 NEWS EDITOR The Trinity College Board of Trustees met the weekend of Oct. 20-Oct. 21 and began with the welcoming of four new trustees, Peter S. Duncan ’81, P’13, ’14, Walter Harrison ’68, H’18, Adrian L ’12, and Louis Shepley ’85. Thereafter, according to a letter to the community from Trinity College… Continue Reading

Joe Biden Comes to Hartford, Stresses Civility

Joe Biden Comes to Hartford, Stresses Civility

MADISON VAUGHN ’21 FEATURES EDITOR Former Vice President Joe Biden came to Hartford last Friday at Hartford Magnet (HMTCA) to advocate for the upcoming election on November 6. Everyone who spoke encouraged everyone to go out and vote because one’s vote can make a difference. Connecticut’s current Senator, Richard Blumenthal was one of the first… Continue Reading

AASA Hosts Esteemed Asian-American Speakers

AASA Hosts Esteemed Asian-American Speakers

AMANDA HAUSMANN ’21 NEWS EDITOR Trinity College’s Asian-American Student Association (AASA) hosted its first annual Campus Summit with the East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU) on Saturday, Oct. 27. The ECAASU is a non-profit aimed at empowering those who are focused on Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) matters. The theme of this conference… Continue Reading

Halloween Paintball Attacks Return

AMANDA HAUSMANN ’21 NEWS EDITOR On Thursday, Oct. 25 and Saturday, Oct. 27, the Trinity community received two updates from Campus Safety. The first stating that a student reported being shot at with a paintball gun by someone in a car, and the second that multiple Trinity students and faculty reported receiving spam phone calls… Continue Reading

Cleo of Alpha Chi: Three Decades of Spooky Science

MARISA BERNER ’21 STAFF WRITER For around 26 years, Trinity College has been hosting Halloween on Vernon, a yearly event where children go around to visit organizations on campus, and play games or activities and receive candy for their efforts.  The activities vary — this year, however, there was candy pong, a haunted house, face… Continue Reading

WGRAC and YDSA Encourage Students to Vote

RAKAN ALZAGHA ’22 CONTRIBUTING WRITER July 4, 1776, is the day this country was founded and declared sovereign from the oppressive nature of its former rulers. The Founding Fathers congregated and debated the fate of this very nation and introduced the document that guides this country until this very day. This document, as you all… Continue Reading

Disregard For Rwandan Genocide Still Prevalent

BHAVNA MAMNANI ’22 FEATURES EDITOR The disregard of the Rwandan Genocide is the most blatant form of racism showcased by mainstream media. The Rwandan Genocide occurred for one hundred days in the summer of 1994. Hutu extremists blamed the Tutsis for the death of Hutu President Habyarimana and immediately began to carry out mass Tutsi… Continue Reading

U.S. Human Rights: Not First, But Better Than Most

DANIEL NESBITT ’22 STAFF WRITER In the October 16th issue of the Tripod, an opinion piece argued that we, as U.S. citizens, do not have a right to criticize other nations’ human rights violations because we live “in a country where so many people fear for their life every day.” The piece continues, arguing, “the… Continue Reading

Meals, Money, and Mather: What’s in it For Us?

AIDAN TUREK ’20 STAFF WRITER Trinity College is going through what might be described as an identity crisis. Trinity is changing—its students, its buildings, its staff, its role as a liberal arts college—and that has impinged on a sense of common community. Few things bring everyone on campus together more than Mather Dining Hall. In… Continue Reading

Warren’s Native Heritage A Cheap Political Ploy

DAVID MAROTTOLO ’22 STAFF WRITER Several people are aware of the debate surrounding Senator Elizabeth Warren’s decision to post the results of a DNA test confirming her Native American heritage. While some may see this as a rebuke of President Trump and a victory for the Left, I am inclined to disagree. In fact, this… Continue Reading