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Trinity Has Its Own Composer? Yes, Since 1979

Trinity Has Its Own Composer? Yes, Since 1979

BEN GAMBUZZA ’20 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Did you know that Trinity had a Composer-in-Residence? Me neither. Since, 1979 Robert Edward Smith has been the College’s go-to composer when it comes to new music for the Chapel Singers. He is also the director of the annual summer Chamber Music Series on campus. But Smith was a harpsichordist before… Continue Reading

Lesson and Carols Celebrates 60 Years

BEN GAMBUZZA ’20 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF The Trinity College Chapel will host the 60th Annual Christmas Festival of Lessons and Carols this Sunday, December 9 at 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Lessons and Carols, which has been a   College tradition since 1958, will feature songs that have been sung at previous Lessons and Carols over the… Continue Reading

Simple, Pragmatic Policies Key For Democrats in 2020

ALEX DAHLEM ’20 OPINION EDITOR Is Donald Trump a true populist? A recent book by Bob Woodward highlighting Trump’s rise in the American political ranks reveals that, as recently as 2010, Trump didn’t even know how to pronounce the word ‘populism’, constantly referring to it as ‘popularism’ when courting advice for a presidential run. Trump’s… Continue Reading

Risky Military Involvement is Self-Defeating For the U.S.

AIDAN TUREK ’20 STAFF WRITER The United States armed forces are fighting a long and costly war—with themselves. Our armed forces have undergone a sea change in the 20th century. The moralistic crusade begun by Woodrow Wilson to “make the world safe for democracy” evolved into Truman’s policy of ‘containment.’ The sharp edge of that… Continue Reading

The Press: Not a Public Enemy, But Still Misleading

DANIEL NESBITT ’22 STAFF WRITER Is the press the enemy of the people? No. Frankly, it is an idiotic and absurd statement for Trump to make, and I hate when he says it. However, the press is far from perfect. Too often, the media reports misleading statistics or misinterprets scientific studies to increase their stories’… Continue Reading

Nelson Pinos’ Battle: The Story of a Survivor

KABELO MOTSOENENG ’20 OPINION EDITOR Light shies away from the sky and a crowd gathers outside a courthouse on 450 Main Street. The ground is damp because rain poured from morning till noon. Though the cold can devour your ungloved hands, you persist because this crowd has been here on worse days. Days when it… Continue Reading

College Responds to Title IX Changes

BRENDAN CLARK ’21 NEWS EDITOR Trinity College, like other institutions of higher education, is preparing to consider the impact of changes to Title IX regulations announced by the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights on Nov. 16. These regulations, if approved, supersede the interim guidance released in September of 2017, which itself repealed Obama-era… Continue Reading

SGA Discusses Potential Options to Replace Goldberg’s

KIP LYNCH ’22 STAFF WRITER The Student Government Association (SGA) convened on Sunday, Dec. 2, to discuss committee updates, meetings with other campus organizations such as EROS and iHouse, and ways in which Trinity could make better use of the Vernon Social Center as a hub for student life in the absence of Goldberg’s On… Continue Reading

New Aid Policy Focuses on Low-Income Students

AMANDA HAUSMANN ’21 NEWS EDITOR In a recent article published by Inside Higher Ed on Nov. 26, 2018, Trinity College was commended for its decision to institute a four-year policy, requiring low-income students to only apply once for aid from the College, rather than every year. This policy was introduced in December of 2017 and… Continue Reading

Hip Hop/Rap Voted Genre of Choice for 2019 Spring Weekend

KATHERINE ROHLOFF ’19 SENIOR EDITOR For the second year in a row, hip hop and rap took the lead in Barnyard Entertainment Activities Council’s annual Spring Weekend music genre survey. The survey, which was emailed out to the Trinity student body in early October also came back with pop voted into second place and EDM… Continue Reading