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Statement from the Tripod Staff

Minutes before the Tripod went to print on Monday night, the staff received word that the SGA  President has passed the faciliation of the Churchill conversation onto another member of the SGA. Before this happened, the Tripod authored the following piece, which was preemptively brought to some members of the community, which we still believe… Continue Reading

Statement from Churchill Club

Churchill’s Response to the Attack on Free Speech: The mission of the Churchill Club, simply put, is to read books and to confront ideas that we believe to be underrepresented in the Trinity College curriculum. In no way are we seeking to limit or suppress the discussion of other ideas–in fact, the suppression of other… Continue Reading

Statement from SGA President

Many members of the Trinity community have recently inquired about what it means for an organization to be recognized by the SGA. When a club is recognized by the SGA, that club is given a BantamLink page, which allows them to book space around campus, reserve tables in Mather, and access the S.A.I.L office resources.… Continue Reading

April in Paris Cinema Festival Begins at Cinestudio

Gillian Reinhard ’20 Editor-in-Chief The April in Paris Film Festival, a series and study of Francophone films, is celebrating its twentieth year at Cinestudio. Each year, the festival is grouped around a theme or director. This year, the festival will present “masterpieces of French cinema,” according to Principal Lecturer in Language and Culture Studies Karen… Continue Reading

Men’s Golf Travels to Florida; Prepares for Season

Men’s Golf Travels to Florida; Prepares for Season

Joe Ladd ’19 Sports Editor Amidst the cold and dreary tail-end of winter, nothing is more exciting to a college golfer than signs of sunshine. As the weather continues to get better here in Hartford, the golf courses in the surrounding the area have yet to get back in proper shape, thus thwarting any possibility… Continue Reading

Women’s Crew Prepares for Season During Break

Lilla Schmidt ’22 Contributing Writer Over spring break, the Trinity College women’s crew team travelled to Orlando, Florida for their annual training trip for the second year in a row. The team stayed at Camp Ithiel, and rowed every day at Lake Down, where Shaquille O’Neil has a summer home. The week culminated in a… Continue Reading

Tucker Carlson Is Emblematic of Trinity Culture

Alex Dahlem ’20 Opinion Editor Tucker Carlson ’91 is one of the most controversial yet noteworthy voices in modern American politics. Sporting colorful bow ties, a gregarious laugh (often used to scoff at his liberal guests), and classic gen-x conservative political leanings, it seems like Carlson was meant for this moment – the perfect caricature… Continue Reading

San Antonio Fights Chicken and US Constitution

Daniel Nesbitt ’22 Staff Writer On Thursday, March 21st, the City Council of San Antonio voted 6-4 to prevent Chick-fil-A from opening a store simply due to the restaurant’s constitutionally protected donation and support of two Christian organizations. This is a clear and blatant violation of the First Amendment. According to USA Today, the city… Continue Reading

Admissions Scandal is an Affront to Higher Ed.

Aidan Turek ’20 Staff Writer The recent college admissions scandal is horrifying and unsurprising. On March 12th, about a dozen parents were indicted by Justice Department officials for participating in a scheme to land their children admission into various colleges. One man at the center of this scandal, William Rich Singer, was paid between $250,000… Continue Reading