Monday, April 22, 2019

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Simple, Pragmatic Policies Key For Democrats in 2020

ALEX DAHLEM ’20 OPINION EDITOR Is Donald Trump a true populist? A recent book by Bob Woodward highlighting Trump’s rise in the American political ranks reveals that, as recently as 2010, Trump didn’t even know how to pronounce the word ‘populism’, constantly referring to it as ‘popularism’ when courting advice for a presidential run. Trump’s… Continue Reading

Risky Military Involvement is Self-Defeating For the U.S.

AIDAN TUREK ’20 STAFF WRITER The United States armed forces are fighting a long and costly war—with themselves. Our armed forces have undergone a sea change in the 20th century. The moralistic crusade begun by Woodrow Wilson to “make the world safe for democracy” evolved into Truman’s policy of ‘containment.’ The sharp edge of that… Continue Reading

The Press: Not a Public Enemy, But Still Misleading

DANIEL NESBITT ’22 STAFF WRITER Is the press the enemy of the people? No. Frankly, it is an idiotic and absurd statement for Trump to make, and I hate when he says it. However, the press is far from perfect. Too often, the media reports misleading statistics or misinterprets scientific studies to increase their stories’… Continue Reading

Nelson Pinos’ Battle: The Story of a Survivor

KABELO MOTSOENENG ’20 OPINION EDITOR Light shies away from the sky and a crowd gathers outside a courthouse on 450 Main Street. The ground is damp because rain poured from morning till noon. Though the cold can devour your ungloved hands, you persist because this crowd has been here on worse days. Days when it… Continue Reading

Dems Should Push For Electoral College Change

JAMES CALABRESI ’20 STAFF WRITER The Democratic Party walloped Republicans in the midterms. From Suburban moms to young urbanites, the country woke up that rainy November 6th and walked out to vote in the most historic midterms for Democrats since Watergate. Ushering in a new wave of over a hundred Congresswomen, Democrats are set to… Continue Reading

Florida Ballot Initiative A Step in the Right Direction

DAVID MAROTTOLO ’22 STAFF WRITER This past week, political discourse was dominated by discussion of the midterm elections. However, the results of one vote stood out: in Florida, the population overwhelmingly voted to approve Amendment Four, commonly referred to as the “Second Chances” Amendment. According to the final polls, 64.1% of the Florida population voted… Continue Reading

Levitsky Comes to Trinity; Talks GOP, Trump’s Future

AIDAN TUREK ’20 STAFF WRITER Steven Levitsky, a political scientist at Harvard and co-author with Daniel Ziblatt of the New York Times bestseller “How Democracies Die”, recently gave a talk about his book at Trinity. Levitsky and Ziblatt’s basic argument is that there is something wrong with American democracy, and that we are in the… Continue Reading

Abortion A Key Issue Under New Supreme Court

DANIEL NESBITT ’22 STAFF WRITER Recently, the Alabama Supreme Court issued an interesting decision concerning fetal homicide. The case arose after an Alabama man was convicted of double-homicide for murdering his wife when she was 8 months pregnant, a decision in which the jury cited a 2006 law defining a child in utero as a… Continue Reading

A Pre-Midterm Analysis: Where Do Dems Stand?

AIDAN TUREK ’20 STAFF WRITER “I am not a member of any organized political party,” said American humorist Will Rogers, “I am a Democrat.” With a contentious midterm upon us and the disappointment of the 2016 election in the Democratic camp, the role and future of the Democratic party has come into serious question. A… Continue Reading

Danye Jones’ Death Spurs Newfound BLM Activism

BHAVNA MAMNANI ’22 FEATURES EDITOR Blatant racism in the media isn’t new information; we’ve all witnessed it. From well recognized media outlets rushing to label innocent colored people as “thugs” and “terrorists” while filing white people as mental health strugglers, it’s impossible to miss the white sympathy that has infiltrated our so called “unbiased” media.… Continue Reading