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Album Review: Baltra’s Recent Release “Can’t Explain It”

AMANDA LAFFERTY ’21 A&E EDITOR  For electronic music fanatics, autumn isn’t just about the dip in temperature or changes in leaf colors. Instead, we look forward to filling the end-of-summer void with rich, complex, and textured releases, sonic qualities that Michael S. Baltra (Baltra) presents consistently within his music. Can’t Explain It is the newest EP… Continue Reading

A Q & A with Photographer John Anthony Rosa ’21

AMANDA LAFFERTY ’21 A&E EDITOR When did you first get into photography and why? Most people will say that the first “real time” I got into photography was Junior year of high school. But in all sincerity, that’s not really true. I actually first started when I went on exchange in Berlin, Germany. As a… Continue Reading

Trinity Artist Spotlight: A Q&A with Meg Smith ’21

Trinity Artist Spotlight: A Q&A with Meg Smith ’21

AMANDA LAFFERTY ’21 A&E EDITOR Who is Meg Smith? I am a sophomore intending to major in neuroscience and visual arts. I am from Portland, Oregon, and growing up in the beautiful great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest has definitely influenced the love of nature which informs my work. Why embroidery? When I started doing… Continue Reading

Yves Tumor Creates Beautiful Chaos on Newest Album

Yves Tumor Creates Beautiful Chaos on Newest Album

AMANDA LAFFERTY ’21 A&E EDITOR There are albums that make you dance, others that make you think, some that make you want to sink into your bed and drift off into an unknown abyss, and very few that combine all three. Electronic musician Yves Tumor, who has frequently declined to reveal his permanent location, has… Continue Reading

DJ Koze’s Recent Release Sets High Hopes for Upcoming LP

AMANDA LAFFERTY ’21 MANAGING EDITOR A true innovator for minimal house and IDM (intelligent dance music), Hamburg-based DJ Koze is a mysterious and intriguing figure. His social media posts are limited, as are his North American appearances. He’s been producing music since the late 1980s, some releases being remixes, others purely original, all of which… Continue Reading

The Top Minimal Electronic Releases of the Year

AMANDA LAFFERTY ’21 A&E EDITOR Actress: “Audio Track 5” featuring London Contemporary Orchestra English DJ, Actress, released a polished three-track single in August. It would be unjust not to mention his full-length release of the year, AZD, which has equal merit. The reason this short release is so enjoyable is due to the textured soundscapes… Continue Reading