Saturday, May 26, 2018

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From Bloomfield to West Hartford, Water Bottles Are Out

By Evan Scollard ’17 Opinion Editor Jane Nadel-Klein Professor of Anthropology Despite this newspaper’s focus on the matters of Trinity College, we owe due consideration to the issues facing our larger Connecticut home. Just over in Bloomfield, our own professor Jane Nadel-Klein has joined a group of concerned residents to combat the Niagara Water Bottling Company’s… Continue Reading

Nothing to fear but fear itself

Rebecca Reingold ’17 Staff Writer During his first Inaugural Address, Franklin D. Roosevelt offered the immortal reassurance, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. As the American people hurdled major political and economic issues – most notably, the Great Depression – their president reassured them the nation would endure. Nearly a century… Continue Reading

Trinity students call for Josh Garay’s reinstatement

EVAN SCOLLARD ’17 OPINION EDITOR   Last week, Trinity suspended a campus safety sergeant over supposed allegations of inappropriate behavior towards a student.  Despite separate complainants citing two instances of misconduct, the school has refused to terminate the sergeant until they can investigate the allegation. When reached for comment, Brian Heavren, the Director of Campus… Continue Reading