Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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Election Results Announced, Kristina Miele ’19 to serve as President of SGA

GILLIAN REINHARD ’20 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF In an email to the community, current SGA President Emily Claytor ’18 announced the final results for the SGA 2018-2019 elections. Kristina Miele ’19 was elected to serve as next year’s SGA President. Additionally, Lexi Zanger ’19 was appointed as SGA Vice President, Alison Adamski ’19 will serve as VP of… Continue Reading

A Thank You from the Tripod

As our last issue of the Tripod is published and another year ends, a final editorial serves as the outlet to reflect on the past semester, and more importantly, thank all of those involved. The Tripod experienced significant growth, both seen and unseen by our audiences, throughout the course of the 2017-2018 school year and… Continue Reading

Spring Weekend Selection Process: Time for Reform

NOAH KOEPPEL ’18 CONTRIBUTING WRITER For the second time in three years, a lack of transparency and sense of uncertainty regarding the school’s spring weekend concert has permeated campus conversations. What was once a staple of Trinity’s social calendar and a selling point to lure prospective students during tours and admissions events has turned into… Continue Reading

Emergency Barnyard Meeting Held, B.o.B. Will Not Headline Spring Weekend

GILLIAN REINHARD ’20 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Two sources from Barnyard (Entertainment Activities Council) have confirmed that rapper and rumored headliner B.o.B. will not be performing at Spring Weekend 2018. Barnyard held an emergency meeting today after the alleged headliner came under significant fire throughout the community, following a Tripod article released on Tuesday detailing anti-Semitic and other offensive lyrics featured… Continue Reading

Trinity Seeks to Address ADA Compliance Concerns

Trinity Seeks to Address ADA Compliance Concerns

PHIL MCCABE ’18 CONTRIBUTING WRITER In a comprehensive evaluation of Trinity College conducted in March 2017, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges alludes to potential compliance violations with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Their findings are explored in a 40-page document, commenting on the strengths and weaknesses Trinity faces in a host… Continue Reading

Hartford City Council Unanimously Approves Bailout

BRENDAN CLARK ’20 NEWS EDITOR In an agreement reached this past week, the Hartford City Council voted unanimously to approve final terms for a bailout agreement with the State of Connecticut. The agreement, which would pay off Hartford’s $550 million dollars in general obligation debt, would be completed over the course of 20 years according… Continue Reading

Zach’s Hillel House Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Zach’s Hillel House Celebrates 70th Anniversary

BEN GAMBUZZA ’20 NEWS EDITOR This year marks the 70th anniversary of Trinity College Hillel, an organization devoted to preserving a rich Jewish tradition while facilitating community at the College since 1948. Alumni of Trinity Hillel, current students, and members of the greater Trinity community, numbering about 130 in total, came together to celebrate at… Continue Reading

Student Walk-Outs Reflect Positive Political Shift

Across the country, high school students have embraced protest following the recent shootings in Parkland, Florida where 17 victims were killed by a lone gunman. Since the Columbine Tragedy in 1997, the worst high school massacre to occur before the recent Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, gun violence in schools has become a part of… Continue Reading