Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Men’s Hockey Begins Winter Winning Streak

CAT MACLENNAN ’20 CONTRIBUTING WRITER The Trinity men’s hockey team played impressively over winter break, winning five out of the seven games that they played while beating a host of conference opponents. The matchup on Jan. 19 against the Tufts University Jumbos ended with an exciting win for the Bantams. Tufts took the lead late… Continue Reading

A New Motto and Era for the Tripod

The Trinity Tripod is happy to announce the introduction of a new motto to drive our mission for-ward. It states our common purpose and provides a unity to our team that is essential for a profession-al and trustworthy college newspaper. The motto is: “Scribere Aude!”. Translated from the Latin, it means “Dare to Write!”. In short, the motto… Continue Reading

A Thank You from the Tripod staff

Each semester at the Tripod brings an almost entirely new approach to layout, journalism, and general philosophy of the organization. Because of a standard, but necessary, semesterly staff change, vastly differing perspectives and ideas to the paper, which can be a positive and negative. As the last fall 2017 issue of the paper goes to… Continue Reading

Republicans are Robbing the Middle Class, Again

JAMES CALABRESI ’20 STAFF WRITER Late Friday night, a copy of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was given to each of the 100 United States Senators mere hours before its vote. Democratic Senators, rushing to discover what the bill would do to the economy, found exactly what one would expect of these Reagan-acolytes. A… Continue Reading

Trinity’s Technology Resources Need to Improve

HUNTER SAVERY ’20 STAFF WRITER In the recent days and weeks, Bantams from Summit to High Rise have found their emails inundated with updates regarding the status of Trinity’s phone systems. It seems to be an almost daily occurrence that the phone systems go down and many find themselves asking what it has to do… Continue Reading

Summit Bicentennial Plan Aims to Involve Students

Summit Bicentennial Plan Aims to Involve Students

BEN GAMBUZZA ’20 MANAGING EDITOR The Strategic Initiatives for Trinity’s Summit Bicentennial plan have at their core a focus on relevant liberal arts education, Trinity as a first-choice school, and an emphasis on experiential learning, particularly regarding experiences in Hartford. The Tripod sat down with Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Political Science Sonia… Continue Reading

Laptop Thief Arrested by Hartford Police in the Library

BEN GAMBUZZA ’20 MANAGING EDITOR A man unaffiliated with Trinity was arrested in the library last night. His accomplice, who escaped, and he, have been connected with a string of stolen laptops that have taken place throughout the semester. The man arrested has been described as a young, Caucasian male. The series of events began… Continue Reading

Property Destruction Highlights Discrimination at Trinity

Property Destruction Highlights Discrimination at Trinity

BRENDAN CLARK ’21 STAFF WRITER Acts of property destruction targeted at minority communities on Trinity’s campus have led to a considerable concern regarding Trinity’s underlying culture. In October, two separate incidents—both involving the desecration of flags—became the impetus for many students to increase calls for change and respond to what they consider a “hostile climate”… Continue Reading

Intercollegiate Update: News on Nearby Campuses

University of Connecticut The University of Connecticut hosted an event featuring a far-right speaker called “It’s OK To Be White” on Nov. 28. The speaker, Lucian Wintrich, was charged by police for breach of peace after grabbing a young woman who took a piece of paper from the podium during the speech. He was promptly… Continue Reading