Monday, June 24, 2019

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Trinity Fails to Recognize the Truly Marginalized

Kabelo Motsoeneng ’20 Staff Writer “Our community is hurting,” read the e-mail from Dean DiChristina. “Students from a range of backgrounds have been targeted and disrespected by actions that have occurred at Trinity,” the message continued. I wanted to slam my laptop across the wall because the language of this message was predictable. I knew… Continue Reading

Atlas Shrugged: Good Ideas to Take in Moderation

Sam Spencer ’21 Contributing Writer When Scottish poet Robert Burns was plowing his fields, he accidentally destroyed a mouse nest with the plow-head. Realizing that he had inadvertently ruined the mice’s only protection from the winter, he penned one of his most famous works called “To a Mouse.” This poem explores the unpredictability of life… Continue Reading

Editorial: End of Semester

I have stuck with the Tripod through three semesters as editor-in-chief because of the people I have met along the way. Reaching out to different groups on campus and hearing their opinions has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my time at Trinity. Working as editor-in-chief of the Tripod and having the opportunity… Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Trinity College Democrats

This past week, several disparaging flyers featuring images of members of the Churchill Institute and Club were distributed on campus and on social media. We are deeply troubled by the individual targeting of students by members of the opposition to the Churchill Club. While we remain opposed to the approval of the Churchill Club, we… Continue Reading

Trinity’s Descent into Illiberal Education

From the ridiculous to the reprehensible, the last month has publicly demonstrated the descent of what passes for intellectual life at Trinity into totally illiberal, increasingly monolithic, tyranny. It has culminated in hate-filled threatening acts that are only one step from the actual violence we have witnessed at Berkeley, Evergreen State and Middlebury—unfortunately to name… Continue Reading

SGA Advised by Administration to Delay Churchill Vote

Kip Lynch ’22 Staff Writer The Student Government Association convened on Sunday, Apr. 14 in order to discuss an Amnesty International resolution, constitutional amendments, and the Churchill Club. The SGA also heard committee updates and a presentation by ConnPIRG. The Trinity College chapter of ConnPIRG, an organization that focuses on consumer and environment protection, presented… Continue Reading

SGA Election Results Announced for 2019-2020

Shawn Olstein ’22 Staff Writer On Tuesday April 9, the SGA announced the results of the SGA elections for four executive board positions and three class president positions. The four newly elected executive board members are: Trinna Larsen ’20 as SGA President, Erick Pena ’21 as SGA Vice President in the fall of 2019 and… Continue Reading

SGA Town Hall on Churchill

Kip Lynch ’22 Staff Writer On Wednesday, Apr. 10 and Thursday, Apr. 11, the SGA held two town hall meetings to discuss the Churchill Institute and potential SGA approval. SGA Vice President Lexi Zaner ’19 opened the event on Wednesday by going over the guidelines for participating in the discussion. SGA sent out an email… Continue Reading

April in Paris Cinema Festival Begins at Cinestudio

Gillian Reinhard ’20 Editor-in-Chief The April in Paris Film Festival, a series and study of Francophone films, is celebrating its twentieth year at Cinestudio. Each year, the festival is grouped around a theme or director. This year, the festival will present “masterpieces of French cinema,” according to Principal Lecturer in Language and Culture Studies Karen… Continue Reading

Men’s Golf Travels to Florida; Prepares for Season

Men’s Golf Travels to Florida; Prepares for Season

Joe Ladd ’19 Sports Editor Amidst the cold and dreary tail-end of winter, nothing is more exciting to a college golfer than signs of sunshine. As the weather continues to get better here in Hartford, the golf courses in the surrounding the area have yet to get back in proper shape, thus thwarting any possibility… Continue Reading