Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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A Star is Born (2018) to be Shown at Cinestudio

Erin Gannon ’19 Contributing Writer In the modern age of endless Hollywood remakes and franchises that have no end in sight, Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born brilliantly brands itself as distinct from these categories, virtually nothing about how the film was marketed would lead audiences to realize that it is actually the fourth iteration… Continue Reading

President Responds to Title IX Regulations

President Responds to Title IX Regulations

Brendan Clark ’21 News Editor Trinity College released its response to the Department of Education’s proposed rulemaking on Title IX last week. Berger-Sweeney’s response was sent to students, faculty, and staff via email, with the note that her response “joins many thousands of others that have been submitted by individuals and institutions.” The response, formulated… Continue Reading

Trinity Partners with LITTLE Architecture

Amanda Hausmann ’21 News Editor Trinity College joined with LITTLE Diversified Architectural Consulting to further its goals toward a sustainable future. Most recently, students and faculty joined with LITTLE Architectural Consulting for a visions session, which consisted of a dinner and workshop, to discuss big picture goals for improving Trinity’s environmental sustainability. LITTLE Architectural Consulting… Continue Reading

New International Student Advisory Board Requests Official Recognition and Approval From SGA

Kip Lynch ’22 Staff Writer The Student Government Association convened on Sunday, Feb. 3, in order to listen to the International Student Advisory Board’s request for approval and recognition, to meet with Dean of Students Joseph DiChristina, and to hear committee updates. The International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) was created last year during the spring… Continue Reading

Admissions Introduces “Nominate a Bantam” Program

Admissions Introduces “Nominate a Bantam” Program

Brendan Clark ’21 Managing Editor The Trinity College Admissions Department introduced a new program to find new students. The program, called “Nominate a Bantam,” is designed to attract “intellectually curious, engaged students who want to be in an urban environment, where the campus does not begin and end with the walls,” said Vice President of… Continue Reading

Students Encouraged to Submit 2020 Honorands

Gillian Reinhard ’20 Editor-in-Chief Nominations for honorand degree recipients and Commencement speakers for the Class of 2020 are accepted from members of the community online via Trinity’s website until Feb. 27. Chief of Staff and Assistant Vice President for External Affairs Jason Rojas M’12 spoke to the Tripod regarding the importance of the selection process… Continue Reading

AASA Celebrates Lunar New Year with Food, Culture

AASA Celebrates Lunar New Year with Food, Culture

Bhavna Mamnani ’22 Features Editor The Asian American Student Association’s biggest event of the year, Lunar New Year, took place last Friday in the grandiosity of the Washington Room. Lunar New Year is the celebration of the new year as by the lunar calendar; Lunar New Year is celebrated all over East Asia and is… Continue Reading

Cinestudio to Screen Unlikely documentary

Gillian Reinhard ’20 Editor-in-Chief According to a press release from the Trinity College Office of Communications, a screening of the documentary Unlikely written, directed, and produced by former admissions officer at Columbia University Jaye Fenderson. The documentary focuses on the lives of five college drop-outs trying to complete their degrees. The documentary highlights inequality and… Continue Reading

Black History Month: Liberation Celebration Dinner

Tanuja Amina Budraj Contributing Writer The Liberation Celebration Dinner, celebrating “A Century of Black Excellence,” took place on Jan. 31, marking the beginning of Black History Month. The dinner opened up with Assistant Dean of Students John Selders reciting a blessing not only for the delicious food, but for the whole month of February and… Continue Reading

The International Student Experience at Trinity

Suzanne Carpe ’22 Contributing Writer Trinity College is currently the home of a very diverse international community, with 272 students that come from places all over the world. In this semester, 74 different nations are represented, which comprises all continents except for Antarctica. Just taking a trip to Mather Hall is enough to realize how… Continue Reading