Monday, May 21, 2018

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Should Trinity continue its study abroad programs?

HENRY CUTLER ’17 OPINIONS EDITOR I’m sure your Thanksgiving dinner was, like mine, punctuated by family and friends giving special thanks for the ability to be together, healthy, and most importantly, SAFE. Our world’s recent events have set us all on edge, daring us to take life for granted. Whether it’s a movie theater in… Continue Reading

Open letter to the Trinity Administration about new locks

ANDREW FISHMAN ’16 CONTRIBUTING WRITER To: President Berger-Sweeney, Dean Card, Dean DiChristina, Ms. Aber We at the Fred Pfeil Community Project received the email from Susan Salisbury about the replacement of locks scheduled to occur in the Summit Suites over winter break. We believe, for a number of reasons, that this plan—especially the placement of… Continue Reading

The importance of the American football tailgate

RYAN MURPHY ’17 SPORTS EDITOR Each Saturday, college football takes over the country. Games are aired on dozens of networks and students everywhere tailgate from before sunrise until after nightfall. Tailgaters are featured in every college football telecast and are one of the focal points of ESPN’s College Gameday show. Tailgating is such a big… Continue Reading

Maxing Out: Black Friday, an embarrassing tradition

MAX FURIGAY ’19 COLUMNIST Our first school break (short though it may have been) has drawn to a close, and hopefully everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is ready for the final exam gauntlet/awkward two weeks of class that await us all. While I absolutely love Thanksgiving and everything that it represents, there’s one aspect… Continue Reading

Climate change: our nation’s most recent hot topic

MAX FURIGAY ’19 COLUMNIST In a year, as the overwhelming deluge of political coverage constantly reminds us, Americans will choose a new president. While the rhetoric of both parties remains largely the same as it always has, with very few concessions to the other side on any issue, there is really only one particular topic… Continue Reading

Yik Yak: Platform for communities or for threats?

ANNELISE GILBERT ’17 FEATURES EDITOR Yik Yak’s mission statement claims that it is “building the most authentic way for people to connect with their communities and find their herds.” The app’s objective may seem great at first glance, but that positivity quickly dissolves once your team, fraternity, sorority, friends, or even your race are the… Continue Reading

Donald Trump hosts SNL, makes huge mistake

REBECCA REINGOLD ’17 STAFF WRITER Political figures are elected into office in order to represent a professional and appropriate view of the United States. A former Celebrity Star Apprentice and a veteran of hosting Saturday Night Live, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is no stranger to the limelight. After declaring his place in the presidential… Continue Reading

Social media and the impending threat of “likes”

REBECCA REINGOLD ’17 STAFF WRITER Surrounded by constant social media presence and awareness, society is under constant surveillance by its peers. It comes as no surprise that users of any form of social media revolve their attention and determination of self-worth over the amount of likes a post may receive. There are a variety of… Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: free speech rights on campus

MAX FURIGAY ’19 STAFF EDITOR Dear Trinity Tripod Opinion Section Editors: Last week, an article was published decrying the lack of First Amendment rights on Trinity’s campus, with author Rebecca Reingold ’17 claiming that it was a violation of her First Amendment rights when professors deduct points from her papers for not agreeing with the… Continue Reading