Saturday, May 26, 2018

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Time To Get Rid Of The Electoral College

By HENRY CUTLER ’17 CONTRIBUTING WRITER One of the most contentious points in this past presidential election is that a candidate, who is now our president elect, won the Electoral College 306-232 but is losing the popular contest by over 2.5 million votes.   There are some myths and misinformation surrounding the Electoral College.  In order… Continue Reading

The Electoral College No Longer Serves Our Interests

By MATT EPSTEIN ’19   STAFF WRITER Consider a fictional country in which after a yearlong lead-up, free elections were held to select its next President. When the votes were finally tallied, a clear winner, the candidate with the most votes, emerged, and yet the loser was named that country’s next President. Imagine the official response… Continue Reading

Friday’s Senior Snowball Slighted Senior Athletes

By EMILY LLERENA ’18 STAFF WRITER This past weekend marked one of the most anticipated events of a student’s last year at Trinity College: Senior Snowball. However this Snowball was different than it has been in years past. This year the Senior Snowball fell on a Friday instead of Saturday, and in turn excluded nearly all… Continue Reading

ACT Demands Demonstrate Misguided Activism

By MAX FURIGAY  ’19  NEWS EDITOR Yesterday, a flyer was distributed all over the school; I am sure that everyone has seen at least one, since they are plastered over almost every wall on campus. The flyer is unrealistic, poorly thought-out, and unnecessarily pushy. It is the encapsulation of the “whiny liberal millennial” trope that makes… Continue Reading

Xenophobia Accurately Describes Attitudes in 2016

By HUNTER SAVERY ’20 CONTRIBUTING WRITER Can we define 2016 in a single word? According to, yes. That word is xenophobia. The website defines xenophobia as “fear or hatred of foreigners, people from different cultures, or strangers.” Fear of the “other” has certainly pervaded the news cycle for the last year, not only in the… Continue Reading

Group Work: The Sum of Its Parts

Jessica Chotiner ’17 Opinion Editor College teaches us many lessons and though I could spend paragraphs listing the gamut, I want to comment on one in particular. In college, I have been forced to work with people; as a member of group project, as a lab partner, and as a roommate. Hopefully, everyone has had… Continue Reading

Trinity’s Thanksgiving Break: All Work and No Play

By EMILY LLERENA ’18 Contributing Writer Many professors assign long-term projects or have tests right after Thanksgiving break. Is this OK? Should Thanksgiving break be a more “assignment-free zone” so that students can spend time with their families? Or should Thanksgiving break be longer to accommodate these assignments? This past Thursday, Trinity students received an… Continue Reading

Are People Reacting Too Strongly to the Election?

By BORA ZALOSHNJA ’20 Staff Writer On Wednesday, Nov. 9, protests erupted around the nation. Donald Trump had just been elected president, and many people were not happy about it. Social media feeds were full of #NotMyPresident, and with people talking about moving to Canada. It was easy to get swept up in the feeling… Continue Reading