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A Day in the Life of a Peter B’s Barista

A Day in the Life of a Peter B’s Barista

SOPHIA GOURLEY ’19 SENIOR EDITOR The Trinity Tripod sat down with Amber Stevenson ’19 to learn what it is like to be a Peter B’s barista and hear more about what we can expect from one of Trinity’s most beloved spots on campus. TT: How long have you been working at Peter B’s and what… Continue Reading

Club Spotlight: Shorinji Kan Jiu Jitsu

MARISA BERNER ’21 STAFF WRITER Around three times a week, a bunch of people congregate in the wrestling room on campus to practice and learn jiu jitsu, a form of martial arts.  Jiu jitsu, as described by the head of the club, Joseph Orosco, is a self-defense based martial art that employs a mixture of… Continue Reading

Another Editor Abroad, This Time in Florence

Another Editor Abroad, This Time in Florence

AMANDA SCOPELLITI ’20 CONTRIBUTING WRITER I decided that I wanted to spend a semester abroad because I believe that traveling the world and experiencing new places is a unique form of education that is eye-opening, enriching and fulfilling. After researching a variety of study away programs all across the globe, I ended up choosing to… Continue Reading

Prof. Katherine Lahti and the Dithyramb of Russia

Prof. Katherine Lahti and the Dithyramb of Russia

BEN GAMBUZZA ’20 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Sitting across from me in an office filled with books on Vladimir Nabokov, Dostoevsky, Myakovksy, and Anna Akhmatova, is Prof. Katherine Lahti. She looks like she just walked off the stage of a production of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. Her long braids and maroon knit cap reminded me of the primitive… Continue Reading

Joseph Orosco: From Novice to National Boxer

BHAVNA MAMNANI ’22 FEATURES EDITOR   Among the various clubs Trinity offers for students to get involved, one of the most low-profile yet entertaining is the boxing club. Current boxing club president and nationally ranked boxer, Joseph Orosco ’19, describes his eventful experience with the boxing club. His boxing career started in his freshman year;… Continue Reading

An Introduction to the Title IX Battlefield

HENDRICK XIONG-CALMES ’22 STAFF WRITER I’ll be frank. In my senior year of high school, I did a debate on whether or not we should still have Title IX as a part of the Education Amendments Act of 1972; afterwards, I still did not know what Title IX pertained to. But, I’ve educated myself on… Continue Reading

Connecticut Supreme Court Comes to Trinity

BRENDAN CLARK ’21 NEWS EDITOR Associate Justice Richard Palmer ’72 and Senior Associate Justice Christine Vertefeuille ’72 of the Connecticut Supreme Court sat down with the Tripod to reflect on their experiences in the law prior to Wednesday, Oct. 17, when the Court will appear on campus for oral arguments. Vertefeuille, who was among the… Continue Reading

Bants in Balance Spread Kindness With #BantamRocks

ERIN GANNON ’19 CONTRIBUTING WRITER  Have you found a painted rock somewhere on campus with a positive message and the hashtag, #BantamRocks? If yes, then you have participated in the brand new #BantamRocks movement on campus! The #BantamRocks movement is Trinity’s take on the Kindness Rocks Project, which is a worldwide movement in which people… Continue Reading

Recruitment Recap: Why Alpha Chi Omega?

MARISA BERNER ’21 STAFF WRITER   Rushing can be a great way to make friends and immerse yourself in a community on campus.  That’s why Hannah Kelleher, now a junior at Trinity College, decided to participate this past week after transferring from UNC Wilmington this past semester. As a junior, it can be difficult to… Continue Reading