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Lil Yachty at Trinity: Spring Weekend Has Sprung

Lil Yachty at Trinity: Spring Weekend Has Sprung

Liz Foster ’22 A&E Editor Spring Weekend 2019 offered a variety of experiences for the average music loving Bantam. After two exhausting days of events, the Tripod reflects upon a well spent weekend in Hartford. Friday night kicked off with Lil Yachty pulling up to the Koeppel Community Center. I kept a carefully recorded timeline… Continue Reading

Billie Eilish’s (Rightful) Number One Debut

Liz Foster ’22 A&E Editor When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? is the hotly anticipated full length from alternative pop star Billie Eilish. Ever since “Ocean Eyes” shot her to the top of the industry’s watch list, Billie has been making her way towards household name status through her dark lyricism, edgy… Continue Reading

Alice Chater and the Future of Pop Music

Liz Foster ’22 A&E Editor After tweeting a link to my article on pop’s new sour-sweetheart Slayyyter, a fellow Twitter user informed me I “needed” to write an article on Alice Chater. Alice Chater was promised to me as another “main pop girl” and after exploring her discography, I see why. The singer is atwenty… Continue Reading

Lil’ Boat to Shipwreck Trinity for Spring Weekend

Liz Foster ’22 A&E Editor “I make positivity music!” claimed then-18-year-old Miles Parks McCol- lum, better known as Lil Yachty. Lil Yachty, or Lil Boat as he’s often called, emerged from the Atlanta rap scene in 2016 with his feature on D.R.A.M.’s hit “Broccoli.” His successful feature worked in tandem with a viral video featur-… Continue Reading

April in Paris Cinema Festival Begins at Cinestudio

Gillian Reinhard ’20 Editor-in-Chief The April in Paris Film Festival, a series and study of Francophone films, is celebrating its twentieth year at Cinestudio. Each year, the festival is grouped around a theme or director. This year, the festival will present “masterpieces of French cinema,” according to Principal Lecturer in Language and Culture Studies Karen… Continue Reading

Travis Scott: Trip to Astroworld

Liz Foster ’22 A&E Editor This Saturday night, I hopped in a rocket (read: Uber) and blasted off to meet Travis Scott in Astroworld. Scott’s ASTROWORLD: WISH YOU WERE HERE tour has grossed over thirty million dollars, and after paying over $100 myself to sit in the 200’s, I understand why. My journey into Travis… Continue Reading

Cinestudio Preview: Vice, Taken with a Grain of Salt

Erin Gannon ’19 Staff Writer If you imagine American Psycho with the violence scaled back and picked up the plot and dropped it on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., you might begin to get a sense of Adam McKay’s Vice. A quasi-satirical biopic about the life and political career of Dick Cheney (Christian Bale), the… Continue Reading

Slayyyter and the Future of Pop

Liz Foster ’22 A&E Editor  The year is 2019 and pop music is shapeshifting in time with the culture. Slayyyter, a superstar to-be, is more than a key piece in the growing pop puzzle. The twenty two year old has more fingers on two hands than singles in her discography, yet has managed to establish… Continue Reading

Chapel Singers Album Displays Musical Talent

Chapel Singers Album Displays Musical Talent

Ben Gambuzza ’20 Contributing Writer  This past week, I really had a craving to hear the Trinity College Chapel Singers. They are Trinity’s crowning musical fixture and brighten even the bleakest Sundays. And in Scotland, there are many bleak Sundays.  But this past weekend, I unfortunately could not get to the chapel. Luckily, there was… Continue Reading

Annual Vagina Monologues Performance a Success

Annual Vagina Monologues Performance a Success

Claire Donohue ’22 Contributing Writer  On Feb. 13, Eve Ensler’s play, an adaptation of an anthology of interviews, taken from a collection of women over 20 years ago, was recited in monologue format by a diverse group of students and faculty. The monologues included stories from trans women, women who had experienced genital mutilation, dominatrixs,… Continue Reading