Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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Group Work: The Sum of Its Parts

Jessica Chotiner ’17 Opinion Editor College teaches us many lessons and though I could spend paragraphs listing the gamut, I want to comment on one in particular. In college, I have been forced to work with people; as a member of group project, as a lab partner, and as a roommate. Hopefully, everyone has had… Continue Reading

Why President Trump’s Misogyny Matters

By Max Furigay ’19 News Section Editor We can work with President Trump on a variety of issues. I truly believe that his policy choices will not spell the end of America, or anything as dramatic as what I’ve been hearing around campus. Despite his terrifying plan to (not) combat climate change, I believe that,… Continue Reading

Trinity: Training Trump Supporters?

Trinity: Training Trump Supporters?

Over the last week, I’ve been to some discussions and events that helped me process and understand the results of the election, but I was struck by one thing. The discussions took place in what felt like a vacuum; around campus, there is a stillness and silence, a tension of forced normalcy, the feeling that… Continue Reading

In Memory of Nurse Jodi Peikes

In Memory of Nurse Jodi Peikes

On Friday, Nov. 4, 2016, the Trinity College community lost one of its loyal and beloved members, Jodi Peikes, after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Jodi worked tirelessly as a nurse practitioner in the Health Center six days a week since 2009. Despite numerous chemotherapy cycles, Jodi took care of students with a smile… Continue Reading

Successful Ally Week Shows improvement

Ally Week has ended on campus. A series of events hosted by The Queer Resource Center and EROS, Ally Week sees the raising of rainbow pride flags across campus, as well as a blossoming of chalk messages that are intended to encourage respect of sexualities and LGBTQQI students. Many of the events have grown in… Continue Reading

Donald Trump: A Social Experiment

Amanda Muccio ’18 Features Editor Like it or not, Donald Trump has been a force for change in American politics. His unconventional campaign has scrambled most political minds. Here’s some food for thought: What if Trump’s campaign wasn’t legitimate? What if his so-called chase for the presidency is just the means by which he could… Continue Reading

Perks of Small Liberal Arts Colleges

Katherine Rohloff ’19 Features Editor When I decided to go to Trinity, the first question my friends asked me was, “Oh, do you mean the one in Ireland?” After I cleared that confusion up, the second question they would typically ask was, “Why are you going to such a small school?” At the time I… Continue Reading

Your Network is your Net Worth

Throughout the year, the career development center hosts various networking opportunities for current students and alumnae. During my years at Trinity College, I had never once considered the importance in taking advantage of these networking events. I write this article with an intent to stress the importance of attending these events. As a senior, I… Continue Reading

Stepping Back from Senior Stress

Senior year is a mixed bag. Starting school as a senior, I had the same sensation as the first time my parents left me home alone overnight: a feeling of superiority that I had finally attained the level of independence to warrant such a privilege.  This was accompanied by feelings of crushing fear from the… Continue Reading

Globalization vs. Xenophobia: Election 2016

By Max Furigay News Section Editor Historians call the last seventy years or so—the time period following World War Two up until the modern era—the Long Peace. Despite what one may hear on a cable network with a twenty-four-hour news cycle or through the increasingly entertainment-driven American news sources, there has been a notable lack… Continue Reading