Wednesday, October 17, 2018

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Victim to Educator: Aswad Thomas Shares His Story

BELLA BLUMENSCHEIN ’21 CONTRIBUTING WRITER    Last Thursday, crime victim survivor, Aswad Thomas, came to Trinity’s campus to discuss how he came to be a leading figure on the battle against gun violence. Born right here in Hartford and raised in Highland Park, Michigan, Thomas was exposed to great violence from a young age and… Continue Reading

Freedom! Rejuvenating Young Americans for Liberty

Freedom! Rejuvenating Young Americans for Liberty

  BEN GAMBUZZA ’20 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF   Ethan Yang ’20 is reviving the Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) chapter at Trinity. Recently, the chapter was dormant under Jake Lord ’18. Now, Yang wants to wake it up and create an outlet for conservative members of campus, as well as welcome debate from all sides.   The… Continue Reading

Symposium To Feature Young Humanities Scholars

Symposium To Feature Young Humanities Scholars

MADISON VAUGHN ’21 FEATURES EDITOR    It is common to hear about undergraduate robotics competitions and science fairs on a daily basis, but what about conferences in the humanities? A year and a half ago, Professor Julia Assaiante submitted a proposal to the Mellon Foundation for Trinity College’s very first Undergraduate Arts and Humanities Symposium.… Continue Reading

Alpha Chi Omega: “Real. Strong. Women.”

SOPHIE GOURLEY ’19 SENIOR EDITOR   With Sorority and Fraternity Recruitment fast approaching, The Trinity Tripod sat down with Brooke LePage ’19, Chapter President of Alpha Chi Omega (AXO), to learn more about Trinity’s newest sorority and about what she wants potential new members to keep in mind while rushing next week.   Trinity’s Chapter… Continue Reading

Class of 2022: The Last Members of Posse New York

MARQUISE BRINKLEY ’21 CONTRIBUTING WRITER  Two weeks have passed since Trinity welcomed the class of 2022 onto campus. With a total of 609 students, the class of 2022 is Trinity College’s most diverse class in history. Of this incoming class, international students represented a total of 15%, and now there are 72 countries represented here… Continue Reading

Study Abroad Spotlight: Trinity in Barcelona Program

HOPE GILLAN ’18 CONTRIBUTING WRITER Over 60%  of  Trinity’s  student  body  studies  abroad  during  their  time as an undergraduate.  The Tripod sat  down  with  Charlotte  Stabler ’18  to  hear  about  her  experiences  at  the  Trinity   in  Barcelona program.   After  studying  abroad  in  her  sophomore  year  of  high  school,  Stabler  could  not  wait  to … Continue Reading

Student Leader of the Week: Emmanuel Amoafa ’18

Name: Paul Ntgene Class Year: 2018 Major: 2018 Hometown: Kampalo, Uganda Leadership Roles: Vernon Social Unit Manager, Mentoring Engineering 120 Students, TA for Engineering 110, Trinfo Cafe worker, former RA. Most Rewarding Experience: For me, it’s been the friendships and networking. It makes me feel accomplished to help the people I now call my friends.… Continue Reading