Friday, April 20, 2018

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Satirical Savery: Make Spring Weekend Great Again!

HUNTER SAVERY ’20 OPINION EDITOR Another Spring Weekend has come to a close, and all of the classics were present: darties, concerts from almost notable artists, destruction of property, and of course the cancellation of a controversial headliner. Last year, I wrote that Spring Weekend was not wild enough, this year I am more convinced… Continue Reading

Spring Weekend Selection Process: Time for Reform

NOAH KOEPPEL ’18 CONTRIBUTING WRITER For the second time in three years, a lack of transparency and sense of uncertainty regarding the school’s spring weekend concert has permeated campus conversations. What was once a staple of Trinity’s social calendar and a selling point to lure prospective students during tours and admissions events has turned into… Continue Reading

Gym Etiquette Vital for the Well-Being of Ferris

JAMES CALABRESI ’20 STAFF WRITER It is with a drooping sadness that I set out to right the wrongs of a particular aspect of gym etiquette that I believe has been overlooked for too long by frequent Ferris visitors. I am talking about the inconveniencing practice of wrapping the emergency stop line around the treadmill… Continue Reading

Brew Club Meets More than Student Government

TAYLOR OGAN ’18 CONTRIBUTING WRITER   I am not on the Student Government Association (SGA), and have never thought about joining. I am approaching this as an outsider. As my time at Trinity comes to an end, I recently have been thinking about what progress Trinity students have made in the past four years, and… Continue Reading

Sustainability Needs To Be a Lifestyle at Trinity

KAY MALONEY ’20 CONTRIBUTING WRITER It is crucial that at Trinity, we strive to educate and help students create programs that propel sustainability to the forefront of Trinity’s agenda. While it is true that Trinity has many effective sustainable initiatives in place, its goals remain vague and do not promise imminent change. In today’s political… Continue Reading

“March for Our Lives” Ignores Oppressed Groups

KABELO MOTSOENENG ’20 CONTRIBUTING WRITER When movements are meant to change the status quo, some perpetuate it. This is true for March for Our Lives. When left-wing media flooded the internet with affirming coverage and images for this march, I was greatly unsettled. It is unsettling to witness the world tokenize trauma for their political… Continue Reading

Trump’s Twitter Both Gratifying and Controversial

ELEANNA DAVOS ’20 STAFF WRITER Let’s talk Tweets, Twitter, and of course, politics. Social media has always been used as a way for people to express themselves and different aspects of their lives. Many people also choose to use social media to share their opinions on various current events and politics. Long before the Trump… Continue Reading