Monday, August 19, 2019

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Trinity’s Militant Movement Is Just Plain Mean

Samuel Taishoff ’22 Staff Writer I’m sure that anyone reading this article is already familiar with the Churchill Club (a small group of students who wish to get together and study Western civilization and culture). However, many students are unaware of the hate group that has been founded in response to the club. This group… Continue Reading

Trinity Fails to Recognize the Truly Marginalized

Kabelo Motsoeneng ’20 Staff Writer “Our community is hurting,” read the e-mail from Dean DiChristina. “Students from a range of backgrounds have been targeted and disrespected by actions that have occurred at Trinity,” the message continued. I wanted to slam my laptop across the wall because the language of this message was predictable. I knew… Continue Reading

Atlas Shrugged: Good Ideas to Take in Moderation

Sam Spencer ’21 Contributing Writer When Scottish poet Robert Burns was plowing his fields, he accidentally destroyed a mouse nest with the plow-head. Realizing that he had inadvertently ruined the mice’s only protection from the winter, he penned one of his most famous works called “To a Mouse.” This poem explores the unpredictability of life… Continue Reading

An Anthropological Response to Racism

In an essay on racism for the Churchill Institute’s website, which per its mission statement, is dedicated to “the extension of the Western Tradition,” Professor Greg Smith asserts that race consciousness and racism are innate to all human beings and that they have always been with us. We, the members of the Trinity College Anthropology… Continue Reading

Trinity Review Misrepresents Campus Discourse

Alex Dahlem ’20 Opinion Editor This past Friday Nick Engstrom ’22 posted in the “Alumni for a Better Trinity College” Facebook group about a new college publication circulating the Trinity community. The online news magazine, entitled the Trinity Review, was created in direct opposition to the Tripod and claims, according to the post, to be… Continue Reading

Tucker Carlson Is Emblematic of Trinity Culture

Alex Dahlem ’20 Opinion Editor Tucker Carlson ’91 is one of the most controversial yet noteworthy voices in modern American politics. Sporting colorful bow ties, a gregarious laugh (often used to scoff at his liberal guests), and classic gen-x conservative political leanings, it seems like Carlson was meant for this moment – the perfect caricature… Continue Reading

San Antonio Fights Chicken and US Constitution

Daniel Nesbitt ’22 Staff Writer On Thursday, March 21st, the City Council of San Antonio voted 6-4 to prevent Chick-fil-A from opening a store simply due to the restaurant’s constitutionally protected donation and support of two Christian organizations. This is a clear and blatant violation of the First Amendment. According to USA Today, the city… Continue Reading

Admissions Scandal is an Affront to Higher Ed.

Aidan Turek ’20 Staff Writer The recent college admissions scandal is horrifying and unsurprising. On March 12th, about a dozen parents were indicted by Justice Department officials for participating in a scheme to land their children admission into various colleges. One man at the center of this scandal, William Rich Singer, was paid between $250,000… Continue Reading

U.S. At Crossroads When It Comes To Venezuelan Aid

Aidan Turek ’20 Staff Writer In 1935 a crochety old man gave a speech entitled “War is a Racket” as part of a national speaking campaign in Depression-era America. It was a grand indictment of American warmongering that claimed all American wars were declared in the interest of the few, the wealthy, coldly sacrificing lives… Continue Reading

The Problem of Celebrating Western Civilization

Matthew Allen ’21 Contributing Writer There has been lots of hubbub about the Churchill Institute’s attempt to establish a club on campus. The club, which aims “to encourage, in every way possible, serious teaching, learning and scholarship about Western Civilization and to promote a vigorous discussion of its preservation and future trajectory,” has received backlash… Continue Reading