Friday, February 15, 2019

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Trinity Must Radically Reconsider Financial Solutions

Daniel Nesbitt ’22 Staff Writer  No matter your political beliefs, there is one thing we can all agree on: college is too expensive. As the price of college has risen, so has student loan debt, now totaling more than $1.5 trillion nationwide. It is clear that something must be done to combat these problems, however,… Continue Reading

Ice Ice Baby: Trinity Needs to Clean Up After a Storm

Samuel Taishoff ’22 Contributing Writer  Trinity is one of the first and only institutions I have been to where it is not customary to sufficiently sand or salt the walkways following a snow storm or ice storm, and that is an extremely dangerous thing. Speaking from personal experience, I have slipped twice today, the first… Continue Reading

Spacey Trial May Be A Upset In The #MeToo Era

Matthew Allen ’21 Contributing Writer With rumors and allegations swarming about Kevin Spacey, I had to see for myself what all the fuss was about. On Jan. 7, I attended the actor’s arraignment on Nantucket, Massachusetts. Upon his arrival, the ambiance of Nantucket quickly turned into that of a zoo. Flocks of cameramen stood outside… Continue Reading

Media At Fault In Native American Controversy

Daniel Nesbitt ’22 Staff Writer This brief respite from Trinity has yielded plenty of interesting political events, however, there is one in particular that hits close to home: the confrontation between a MAGA-hat-wearing high schooler and a Native American man in Washington, D.C. This event struck me as Covington Catholic High School, the school that… Continue Reading

Cyntoia Brown Case Emphasizes Need for Reform

Carey Maul ’21 Contributing Writer The name Cyntoia Brown has been the center of attention over the past few weeks on various social media platforms and news outlets after being granted executive clemency by Tennessee governor Bill Haslam. Brown, now 30, was convicted of first degree murder after killing a middle aged man who took… Continue Reading

Uncommon Carriers, Full of Transport Insight

Samuel Spencer ’21 Contributing Writer If one were to ask the average person to list the most significant technological advances of the past several hundred years, typical answers might range from personal computers to vaccines. Arguably, the most impactful has been the development of long-distance cargo transportation.  Because of the developments in transport, the average… Continue Reading

Simple, Pragmatic Policies Key For Democrats in 2020

ALEX DAHLEM ’20 OPINION EDITOR Is Donald Trump a true populist? A recent book by Bob Woodward highlighting Trump’s rise in the American political ranks reveals that, as recently as 2010, Trump didn’t even know how to pronounce the word ‘populism’, constantly referring to it as ‘popularism’ when courting advice for a presidential run. Trump’s… Continue Reading

Risky Military Involvement is Self-Defeating For the U.S.

AIDAN TUREK ’20 STAFF WRITER The United States armed forces are fighting a long and costly war—with themselves. Our armed forces have undergone a sea change in the 20th century. The moralistic crusade begun by Woodrow Wilson to “make the world safe for democracy” evolved into Truman’s policy of ‘containment.’ The sharp edge of that… Continue Reading

The Press: Not a Public Enemy, But Still Misleading

DANIEL NESBITT ’22 STAFF WRITER Is the press the enemy of the people? No. Frankly, it is an idiotic and absurd statement for Trump to make, and I hate when he says it. However, the press is far from perfect. Too often, the media reports misleading statistics or misinterprets scientific studies to increase their stories’… Continue Reading

Nelson Pinos’ Battle: The Story of a Survivor

KABELO MOTSOENENG ’20 OPINION EDITOR Light shies away from the sky and a crowd gathers outside a courthouse on 450 Main Street. The ground is damp because rain poured from morning till noon. Though the cold can devour your ungloved hands, you persist because this crowd has been here on worse days. Days when it… Continue Reading