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Churchill Debate Exposes Peril of Political Discourse

Sam Taischoff ’22 Contributing Writer “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” A famous quote known by all who have had at least one class about the Civil War. This quote was a part of Abraham Lincoln’s address to the people of Illinois and to America in 1858, only three years before the start of… Continue Reading

A Night at the Garden Shows It Can Happen Here

Hunter Savery ’20 Opinion Editor One of the most vital and important movies to come out in recent memory is only seven minutes long and consists entirely of archival footage from the 1930s. A Night at the Garden is a short documentary film by director Marshall Curry. Originally released in 2017, it was nominated for… Continue Reading

Democratic Gun Control Bills Are Unconstitutional

Eleanna Davos ’20 Staff Writer  50 million households in the United States have a legal gun in their home. That is around 46% of the worldwide total of civilian owned guns, according to the United Nations. The purpose of our Second Amendment (one that I take very personally and utilize myself very proudly) is the… Continue Reading

Title IX: Trinity Needs to Recognize Due Process

Daniel Nesbitt ’22 Staff Writer In the Feb. 12 edition of the Tripod, I examined in detail the first half of Trinity’s official response to the Department of Education’s (DoED) proposed Title IX changes. This piece examines the latter half of the College’s response. The College enumerates four more concerns, the first of which is… Continue Reading

Open Textbooks Are the Future of Higher Education

Matthew Boyle ’19 Contributing Writer  There is good news for anyone who has ever had to spend $200 or more on a single textbook; open textbooks are coming to Trinity in the near future. Open textbooks are peer-reviewed, online textbooks created by professors. They are also created through a creative commons license so they can… Continue Reading

Privilege Obscures Importance of Minimum Wage

Hunter Savery ’20 Opinion Editor Last week this paper published an article calling for the elimination of the minimum wage, the article attempted to normalize the idea, to make it seem rational, even desirable, that is a dangerous and irresponsible idea. The minimum wage is essential to ensuring the basic rights of workers across the… Continue Reading

Is the Minimum Wage a Detriment to Our Society?

Jake Dieterle ’19 Contributing Writer  Too often I hear talk, largely from millennials, that we should institute a higher and higher minimum wage. While I too would love to easily eradicate poverty, it is important to understand the economics behind such a faulty policy. For anyone interested in this topic, I would strongly recommend taking… Continue Reading

The Fundamental Flaw With the United Nations

Aiden Turek ’20 Staff Writer  The United Nations is a fundamentally flawed institution which has failed to accomplish the lofty goals set forth at its inception. The United Nations is built on the ashes of the League of Nations. The League of Nations failed to preserve the peace, and in its own way brought about… Continue Reading

Chartwells Ignores the Struggles of Celiac Disease

Carey Maul ’21 Staff Writer Among Trinity’s various social groups and organizations lives a small cult, a little percentage of the student body that has one tragic trait in common. I am talking about the Celiacs of Trinity College. For those of you who don’t know, Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disorder that makes the… Continue Reading

Taiwan Flag Incident: An Issue of National Survival

Ethan Yang ’20 Contributing Writer  As the owner of the Taiwanese flag that was recently torn down in the Asian American Student Association (AASA) house, I feel like it is appropriate that I respond to the incident. At the moment, I am currently abroad, but I cannot help but say something. There is so much… Continue Reading