Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Our Thoughts and Prayers Are Not Doing Anything

BORA ZALOSHNJA ’20 OPINION EDITOR The morning I turned 20, I woke up and reached for my phone, excited to see the screen light up with heartfelt messages from family and friends. As I looked through my notifications, however, I saw one that made my stomach drop. “Deadliest Mass Shooting in American History,” said a… Continue Reading

Sexism in the Sanders and Corbyn Movements

JAMES CALABRESI ’20 STAFF WRITER The Democratic Socialist party and Labour movements of the United States and the United Kingdom, respectively, have often been criticized for their inability to speak to women’s issues. Both movements highlight the idea that the challenges facing the twenty-first century can be solved through redistributive, pro-worker economics. However, in today’s… Continue Reading

Policy Must Change to Prevent Terrorists Attacks

Eleanna Davos ’20 Staff Writer Americans have the memory retention of a tick. That’s not a statement targeting a certain political party, race, or organized group. That is a statement about every American in this country. This is not a generalization about every issue in the United States, but a fact about all Americans when… Continue Reading

Devos Puts America’s Most Vulnerable Students at Risk

JAYMIE BIANCA ’21 STAFF WRITER Recently, Betsy Devos, United States Secretary of Education, rescinded 72 documents that outlined policies and regulations for people with disabilities. These policies were deemed as excessive by the Trump administration, and do not reflect current policies. However, I am a firm believer that each document was written for a reason.… Continue Reading

Mueller Investigation Raises Questions About Trump

JAMES CALABRESI ’20 STAFF WRITER When former Federal Bureau of Investigation Chief Robert S Mueller III was assigned to lead the Special Counsel in investigating the surprising connections revealed in the Steele dossier between Donald Trump’s campaign for president and Russia, Republicans remained confident that the man who headed the FBI under George W Bush… Continue Reading

Trinity’s Drop in the Rankings is Meaningless

JAMES KAYNOR ’21 CONTRIBUTING WRITER In recent weeks, Trinity College’s ranking has dropped six spots in the rankings of liberal arts colleges according to US News World and Report. This has raised concerns in the school among the staff, and especially among the students. If you read last week’s issue of the Tripod, you would… Continue Reading

Trinity’s Lack of Creative Outlets Leads to Anxiety

MILOSZ KOWAL ’18 PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR A lack of resources and outlets for creativity is fostering depression and anxiety amongst Trinity students. It has been shown that creativity is a force for good when it comes to helping relieve stress and anxiety, and that creativity promotes feelings of well-being. The problem is that Trinity does not… Continue Reading

Fall in Trinity Rankings Show Areas for Improvement

MATT EPSTEIN ’19 OPINIONS EDITOR While the value of the U.S News and World Report college rankings is certainly something to be debated, their effect is without question. Families of prospective students look to a college’s ranking as an indicator of the caliber of the school. Given the choice, who wouldn’t rather attend the top… Continue Reading

Weinstein Allegations Reflect Rape Culture

AMANDA LAFFERTY ’21 A&E EDITOR Starting on Sunday Oct. 15 at around 8:00 pm., the allegations against Harvey Weinstein became more than items in a news cycle. The scandal was now deeply personal. Countless friends, of all genders and sexual orientations posted the “me too” status on Facebook and other social media platforms. I struggled… Continue Reading