Monday, August 19, 2019

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Editorial: Tripod Coverage of the Churchill Club

Throughout the semester, but particularly since Monday, the campus has been engrossed in the debate regarding the Churchill Club. The Tripod has extensively covered this conversation, but the official decision by the SGA to reject the Churchill Club occurred after the paper’s print run ended for the semester. Since that initial announcement, the campus has… Continue Reading

Editorial: End of Semester

I have stuck with the Tripod through three semesters as editor-in-chief because of the people I have met along the way. Reaching out to different groups on campus and hearing their opinions has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my time at Trinity. Working as editor-in-chief of the Tripod and having the opportunity… Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Trinity College Democrats

This past week, several disparaging flyers featuring images of members of the Churchill Institute and Club were distributed on campus and on social media. We are deeply troubled by the individual targeting of students by members of the opposition to the Churchill Club. While we remain opposed to the approval of the Churchill Club, we… Continue Reading

Trinity’s Descent into Illiberal Education

From the ridiculous to the reprehensible, the last month has publicly demonstrated the descent of what passes for intellectual life at Trinity into totally illiberal, increasingly monolithic, tyranny. It has culminated in hate-filled threatening acts that are only one step from the actual violence we have witnessed at Berkeley, Evergreen State and Middlebury—unfortunately to name… Continue Reading

Statement from the Tripod Staff

Minutes before the Tripod went to print on Monday night, the staff received word that the SGA  President has passed the faciliation of the Churchill conversation onto another member of the SGA. Before this happened, the Tripod authored the following piece, which was preemptively brought to some members of the community, which we still believe… Continue Reading

Statement from Churchill Club

Churchill’s Response to the Attack on Free Speech: The mission of the Churchill Club, simply put, is to read books and to confront ideas that we believe to be underrepresented in the Trinity College curriculum. In no way are we seeking to limit or suppress the discussion of other ideas–in fact, the suppression of other… Continue Reading

Statement from SGA President

Many members of the Trinity community have recently inquired about what it means for an organization to be recognized by the SGA. When a club is recognized by the SGA, that club is given a BantamLink page, which allows them to book space around campus, reserve tables in Mather, and access the S.A.I.L office resources.… Continue Reading

In Response to The Churchill Club

Gillian Reinhard ’20 Editor-in-Chief The recent controversy surrounding the Sunday night Student Government Association meeting was a clear indicator of the social climate in the Trinity community. As an observer at the meeting, I was struck by both the impressive questions asked by students who attended and my own realization I was watching political discourse… Continue Reading

EDITORIAL: It’s Time for Juniors to Participate

Gillian M. Reinhard ’20 Editor-in-Chief Trinity College’s Junior Class, in the fall semester, had two representatives in Student Government: one class president, who was uncontested, and one senator, who this semester went abroad. On the eve of a special election for four open SGA Senate seats, contested by six individuals, the question remains: why is… Continue Reading

Tripod Editorial: In Response to Our Front Page

Gillian Reinhard ’20 Editor-in-Chief  Sexual harassment: an almost ubiquitous element of the college campus, continually eviscerating its core values. While this feature is constantly a subject of discourse amongst the student body, we rarely seem to consider the implications and presence of sexual harassment in the college workplace. At Trinity, recent litigation has demonstrated that… Continue Reading