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Freedom of Speech Is Not Freedom from Accountability

The September 11 issue offers reports and opinions pertaining to some of the racially charged incidents that took place over the summer, particularly on social media. As the editorial board, we find it important to report on these matters because they affect our community— marginalized members of our community, precisely. We also recognize that these… Continue Reading

Welcome Back. We’re Listening.

A trustworthy newspaper today is like a voice crying out in the wilderness. In the wake of the 2016 election, many have spoken but few have been heard. For in the endless swirl of information, opinion, and conflicting facts, it is easy just to tune all of it out. “If there are so many versions… Continue Reading

Remembering Trinity Jazz Radio Legend Bob Parzych

Remembering Trinity Jazz Radio Legend Bob Parzych

MOLLY SANTORA ’18 Contributing Writer   Bob Parzych, a Trinity alumnus and long-time jazz host at WRTC-FM, passed away suddenly on July 19. He was 64. A native of New Britain, Bob was a multi-sport athlete at New Britain High School and was awarded a football scholarship to Trinity in 1972. He started broadcasting at… Continue Reading

A Thank You from the Tripod

As our last issue of the Tripod is published and another year ends, a final editorial serves as the outlet to reflect on the past semester, and more importantly, thank all of those involved. The Tripod experienced significant growth, both seen and unseen by our audiences, throughout the course of the 2017-2018 school year and… Continue Reading

Student Walk-Outs Reflect Positive Political Shift

Across the country, high school students have embraced protest following the recent shootings in Parkland, Florida where 17 victims were killed by a lone gunman. Since the Columbine Tragedy in 1997, the worst high school massacre to occur before the recent Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, gun violence in schools has become a part of… Continue Reading

Lack of Publications at Trinity

For student writers, part of the so called “college experience” has always been to hone and perfect their work by means of student publications. The Trinity Tripod is a student publication, though it is a campus institution that dates back over one hundred years. The only other significant student publication on campus right now is… Continue Reading

Change to Tripod Nameplate

Eagle-eyed readers of this print edition of the Tripod may spot a change to the nameplate on the front page. Though the old design seemed ripped from the pages of Trinity’s history, the nameplate and image on the front page of the Tripod have historically been changed somewhat every decade or so. As such, the… Continue Reading

A New Motto and Era for the Tripod

The Trinity Tripod is happy to announce the introduction of a new motto to drive our mission for-ward. It states our common purpose and provides a unity to our team that is essential for a profession-al and trustworthy college newspaper. The motto is: “Scribere Aude!”. Translated from the Latin, it means “Dare to Write!”. In short, the motto… Continue Reading

A Thank You from the Tripod staff

Each semester at the Tripod brings an almost entirely new approach to layout, journalism, and general philosophy of the organization. Because of a standard, but necessary, semesterly staff change, vastly differing perspectives and ideas to the paper, which can be a positive and negative. As the last fall 2017 issue of the paper goes to… Continue Reading