Monday, February 18, 2019

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A New Motto and Era for the Tripod

The Trinity Tripod is happy to announce the introduction of a new motto to drive our mission for-ward. It states our common purpose and provides a unity to our team that is essential for a profession-al and trustworthy college newspaper. The motto is: “Scribere Aude!”. Translated from the Latin, it means “Dare to Write!”. In short, the motto… Continue Reading

A Thank You from the Tripod staff

Each semester at the Tripod brings an almost entirely new approach to layout, journalism, and general philosophy of the organization. Because of a standard, but necessary, semesterly staff change, vastly differing perspectives and ideas to the paper, which can be a positive and negative. As the last fall 2017 issue of the paper goes to… Continue Reading

The Dangers of Unsigned Editorials: The Tripod’s New Editorial Policy

Unsigned editorials, despite being the standard for newspapers the world over, present unique challenges to small college newspapers. They imply a consensus of thought among editors, or at least among an editorial team. At a newspaper like The Tripod, editorial positions change hands quickly, often every semester, and it is difficult to get staff members… Continue Reading

“Trinity”: School, Community, Negative Adjective

It is undeniable that “Trinity” functions as a noun and an adjective. “Trinity,” as an adjective, can describe a person, a style of clothes, or an event. It can be difficult to dissect the meaning of the word. It hosts a variety of meanings: preppy, entitled, close-knit, or cut-off. It can be a compliment, but… Continue Reading

Trinity Needs to Get Serious about Sustainability

If Trinity is serious about environmental sustainability, it has a funny way of showing it. The inclusion of the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment to the Bicentennial Plan is a commendable gesture, but it’s precisely that: a gesture. Issues relating to climate change are far more pressing than such a commitment suggests. Reducing… Continue Reading

Tradition and Spirit: Necessities not Present at Trinity

This past weekend was Parents’ Weekend, a time when Trinity becomes a picture-perfect college. Parents, mostly from New England, come excited to see what the College has to offer. During the weekend, one can see suited fathers and elegantly dressed mothers smiling and admiring the collegiate gothic architecture of the campus. Students put on a… Continue Reading

Trinity’s Social Culture is Heavily Based on Popularity

Popularity is a fascinating idea when observed among college-age students. For myself, popularity is an integral part of social culture at Trinity that I run into far more often that I assumed I would on a college campus before I matriculated. Each time I hear my classmates say “only popular students got elected” or the… Continue Reading

A Trinity Presence in Downtown Hartford, Finally

Trinity’s relationship with Hartford and its residents has always been strained. Looking out from Trinity on the surrounding area, it is no wonder why. But one of the greatest regrets Trinity students have upon graduating is that they did not spend enough time in Hartford. When prospective students first come to the school, they drive… Continue Reading

Trinity Days, in Context

Trinity Days as we know them today serve as a lull in the academic tempest of Trinity life. It is a time to relieve stress, sleep, and regroup. Students from New England or other surrounding areas may go home to see family. Some use the time to stay on campus and catch up or get… Continue Reading