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Research Findings

I learned a lot about my not only my topic, biodiversity in Trinidad and Tobago, but I learned a lot about Trinidad and Tobagos’ culture and politics. First, I learned that unlike most islands, that come up because of volcanic activity or tectonic plates colliding, Trinidad and Tobago were actually a part the South American… Continue Reading

Reflections Regarding Annotated Bibliography

It was hard doing an annotated bibliography. However, I found the exercise rewarding in the end because I had never done it before. Therefore, I’m glad to finally have that experience and knowledge. In the end I was very happy with my sources. I was able to find a government website, that not only gave… Continue Reading

Annotated Bibliography

“Sea Turtle Comeback in a Corner of the Caribbean.” NY Daily News. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, 18 May 2013. Web. 02 Dec. 2014.   This article was written in the Daily News. The article talks about the Leatherback turtle’s population comeback in Trinidad and Tobago. The Leatherback’s population had decreased on the island because of to… Continue Reading

Reflection on the Research Process

I learned a lot about how to search for sources, besides looking on google, during this project. However, the first thing I did do was way I did was go on Google, looking for a government website for Trinidad and Tobago. This strategy ended up woking for me. I was able to find an entire… Continue Reading

Reason for Choosing Topic

I chose my research topic about biodiversity in Trinidad and Tobago because I’m interested about the different wildlife in countries. My interest stems from playing with lions and bears as a kid, but each country usually has an interesting native animal, which I never knew existed. Because of where Trinidad and Tobago I knew it… Continue Reading

Reason for Choosing Paper from History of Modern Britain Since 1750

The assignment I chose is an essay a primary source paper about a passage in Henry Mayhew’s London Labour and the London Poor. I chose this paper because it ties together the seminar’s talks about our societies’ lack of awareness for pollution. The passage sheds light on the chimney sweepers’ living situation in 1850’s London.… Continue Reading

British History since 1750 (other class paper)

Henry Mayhew, in 1861, puts together his book London Labour and the London Poor out of several articles he wrote on the urban poor in 1850. The primary source is the beginning of the chapter  In the excerpt, Henry Mayhew goes into detail about the lives of chimney-sweepers, the lowest social class. Mayhew goes into… Continue Reading

North (place)

I’ve visited four different countries, I’ve gone to over thirteen different states, and I’ve lived in 7 different houses.  While traveling, I was exposed to thousands of different places, which people call home, a place where one’s desires are met and where they have an intimate connection. These places gave me the experience to think… Continue Reading

The North (place), reason for choosing

  The writing from Civilazation, Culture, and Conservation that I choose is about place. For this paper Professor Morrison asked students to reflect on a “place that has played an important role in or has strongly influenced your life and/or how you think about nature and the environment”. Then she asked students to express how… Continue Reading