Another take on Polonius to Laertes

My son, my dear Laertes,
As you travel, keep my instructions close at heart.
Be smart, careful and clever in your maneuvers and mannerisms
But not too witty,
As it will cheapen your character.
Be charming, as I have taught you, and agreeable always
Yet not too pleasing
That you are perceived as weak and unsure in yourself.
Be righteous, however not elitist – you are no better than any other man,
Nevertheless, stay proud and recall your nobility.
I would rather you return home with a woman to marry, but
Do not appear too desperately that you debase your integrity,
Chasing after women like a whoremonger.
Most importantly, take hold to your faith, be a devout, pious man;
Be honest and be true, yet with this conviction and expression of piety,
Do not be so consumed by prayers and meditations that
You are remiss and in a state of lethargy,
Unconscious to the evils of the world around you.
Above all be watchful and on guard as you travel alone,
Yet not barbaric and warlike in nature.
Have grace and decorum,
Let my teachings of courtesy and propriety be with you daily
While away, just the same, be not too soft-spoken and pensive
That you appear cowardly and wimpy,
As you display yourself with such courtly esteem and decency.
Bring to mind all these teachings I have told you,
Be a strong, God-fearing man – but not too determined and flat-footed in your belief
That it serves to your hurried demise!

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