Working Goals and Objectives for the First 18 Months

Dear Trinity Faculty, Staff, and Students,

These goals—developed based on feedback from responses to a campus survey, the College leadership team, and insights from a vision survey of the Board of Trustees—lead to objectives by which we will measure progress in the short term, in advance of more comprehensive strategic planning. The articulation of these goals is an open invitation for you to engage in Trinity’s future and be a part of a new sense of pride about the progress of our institution. Achieving these goals will allow us to meet our mission more effectively and will set us on a trajectory to improve the quality of our institution, and rankings should follow.

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Goal: Strengthen Campus Culture
by promoting and facilitating a healthy and inclusive campus life
throughout the College community

  • Build and reinforce trust by improving communication, transparency, and collaboration across all constituencies of the College
  • Create a welcoming and friendly community built upon acceptance of, curiosity about, and interest in one another
  • Develop formal and informal support and mentoring structures that motivate students to leave their comfort zones and experience the breadth of academic and social opportunities available to them

Goal: Ensure Academic Excellence
by conducting self-studies and peer reviews of our academic programs and
valuing innovation and creativity in the development of new initiatives

  • Continue academic strategic planning, taking bold and deliberate steps to articulate the distinctiveness of a Trinity College liberal arts education
  • Foster curricular innovation by developing new programs, certificates, or approaches to interdisciplinary and applied learning while cultivating academic partnerships for technological enhancements and international education
  • Integrate Hartford across the curriculum, and share resources with neighboring institutions
  • Initiate development of a comprehensive enrollment management plan to recruit, enroll, and retain outstanding students from a broad geographical area
  • Articulate principles of equity and merit among faculty, and implement them sustainably

Goal: Reach Financial Equilibrium
by aligning our financial resources with our strategic priorities

  • Develop a balanced operating budget with no special draws from the endowment, beginning with Fiscal Year 2016
  • Formulate a longer-term budget strategy, based on feasible and sustainable assumptions, that incorporates funding for valuable existing enterprises, critical new initiatives, deferred maintenance, and capital improvements
  • Strengthen the underlying financial aid structure
  • Explore and develop sustainable new programs, or revisions to current programs, in order to expand revenue base
  • Design new short-term fundraising strategies in advance of the next capital campaign
  • Actively cultivate a broader and deeper understanding among faculty and staff of the College’s finances

Goal: Share Our Successes
by strengthening collaborative partnerships and community relations,
and fostering institutional pride

  • Encourage everyone to speak well of Trinity; create an army of voices who share our successes internally and externally
  • Organize our community engagement resources to more strategically align with the career and learning opportunities that our metropolitan location provides and further promote our current academic interactions with the city with the goal of yielding more such opportunities
  • More effectively tell our story of academic excellence, extracurricular successes, internships, career placements, and the positive impacts that we have in the community, nationally, and around the world
  • Determine key messages to foster excitement and a feeling of progress for our institutional ambassadors and major constituencies
  • Engage alumni and strengthen ties


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