The Cities, Suburbs & Schools Project is both an undergraduate seminar and an ongoing research collaboration based at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. Students, staff, and faculty work with community partners to better understand the relationship between schooling and housing over time in the metropolitan Hartford region. The project is led by Jack Dougherty, associate professor of educational studies at Trinity.

Together, we have produced dozens of research publications and presentations, created interactive maps, and shared oral history interviews, video documentaries, and archival documents through the Trinity College Digital Repository. Featured works include essays on inequalities and civil rights published with Connecticut History, articles and book chapters on Sheff v. O’Neill school desegregation and public school choice, the parent-friendly SmartChoices public school search tool, interactive data visualizations published with the Connecticut Mirror, and a freely-accessible public history book-in-progress, On The Line: How Schooling, Housing, and Civil Rights Shaped Hartford and its Suburbs.

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