about SmartChoices: a parent-friendly public school search tool

SmartChoices is a parent-friendly tool to navigate the growing number of public school choice options in the metropolitan Hartford region. Search for all of a student’s eligible choices by address and grade level, then view map and sort by column. Developed by the Cities Suburbs & Schools Project and Academic Computing at Trinity College in Fall 2008, the project is currently supported by Achieve Hartford. Explore our site at: http://SmartChoices.trincoll.edu

Our open-source code is freely available upon request to jack.dougherty@trincoll.edu.

To better understand how web visitors navigate the school choice process, we anonymously collect data entered into the site (such as location, grade level, and how they sort columns of information). In accordance with Trinity’s research ethics guidelines, we protect individuals’ right to privacy. When reporting our findings, all address information is grouped into larger units (such as school district or zone). Furthermore, if web visitors do not wish to use their street address, they may enter a more general location (such as the street name, or zip code, or municipality), but search results will be less precise.

Read more about our web design, outreach efforts, and research findings:

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