Application for Undergraduate Research Assistants

Thank you for your interest as a volunteer undergraduate research assistant in the Martinez Lab.

Please complete all questions in this application. You may also email a resume or CV to Luis Martinez at

If you are interested in receiving course credit for working in the laboratory, please mention that under "Additional relevant information". Please note that this is not a paid position and participation is strictly voluntary.

Please fill out the form below, and then click Submit.

  • Background Information

  • Full Name
  • Are you 18 years of age or older?
  • What courses have you taken that may be related to this position and what was your final grade in that course?
  • Please provide information on previous laboratory research positions. List present/most recent positions first. Make sure to describe any specific projects that you assisted with, as well as any technical skills you developed while working in that position. If you haven't had any previous laboratory research positions, simply state that.
  • Looking Forward

  • What date are you available to begin working?
    MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • In order to get a better idea of the potential term of your commitment, please list the semester (including year) that would be your final semester in the lab.
  • Our expectation is that you will commit to working in the lab at least 6 hours (0.5 credits) or 12 hours (1.0 credits) per week, Mon-Fri; any weekend hours you may wish to commit would be in addition to this minimum requirement. Below, please list your availability as blocks of hours per each day (e.g., 9am-1pm; 3pm-5pm). Each block you list must be at least 2 hours in length. Feel free to guesstimate a bit here. Particularly if you have not yet set a class schedule for the upcoming semester.
  • Are you interested in doing the summer research program (SRP; Note that spaces are limited, SRP applications typically go in by the first week of March, and students will typically need to already be working in my research lab prior to submitting an application.
  • Are you interested in the opportunity to conduct a senior thesis project in this lab? Please note that thesis students must join the lab no later than Spring semester of their junior year.
  • What do you expect to gain or accomplish through this position? In particular, how will this experience contribute towards your future goals? If you already noted an interest in doing a thesis and/or the SRP, feel free to discuss how those opportunities could further your goals.