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  1. This is a fascinating study – have you talked about sharing anonymous data with the college? I feel like they might be interested in ways to effectively target non-adherent groups (although hopefully this won’t be an issue much longer!!).
    Excellent work, well done!

  2. Hi Campbell! I really enjoyed listening to your presentation, as the topic was interesting and very relevant to the current times. I also think that this topic was particularly interesting because I have not seen any existing literature that has touched upon COVID-19 adherence and different college social groups such as GLOs or athletes. I was surprised to see that students involved in GLOs or students living off-campus were significantly less adherent to college COVID-19 policies than athletes and non-GLO students. The data and results from your study can be used in many different ways and could help to further inform schools about student policy adherence in general. Lastly, I really enjoyed the layout of your poster, as my focus was drawn towards the center (results section) of the poster, which is filled with informative, yet easy-to-read graphs. Great job!!!

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