Student Research

Student Research Sponsored
Here are some of the research projects that I have sponsored during the 1990’s and 2000’s. Many of these were senior thesis projects, but some were conducted by Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen.

Hawes, Breanne (2009). Embodied Cognition Patterns in a college library.
Ortiz, Alicia (2009). Perception of the hammer throw in point light displays.
Spagnoletti, Marc (2009). Perception of Throwing Motion Patterns in Point-Light Displays
Gire, Jacob (2007). Weight Distribution, Dynamic Touch, and a Ping Pong Ball.
Rosenberg, Melissa (2005). Perspective drawing by negative space.
Saunders, Pamela (2003). Squash from the Bernstein Perspective
Karlsgodt, Katherine (1999). Working Memory in Dyslexic College Students.
Dunn, Benjamin (1997). The effects of auditory stimulation on perceived duration: Implications for a model of the internal clock
McCubbin, Heather (1995). The effects of music on mood
Champa, Matthew (1995). Perception of proportion: An investigation of the square, 3:1 ratio, and the Golden Rectangle
Anning, Elizabeth (1995). The dynamics of skill acquisition on the rowing ergometer
Fonte, R. M. (1995). Effects of frequency variation in skilled rhythmic activity among expert rowers on the rowing ergometer
Reich, T. E. (1994). Comfort modes and rhythmic coordinated patterns of movement on the rowing ergometer
Scott, Julia (1992). The effect of the vertical – horizontal illusion on square perception