BIAC Internship: Week 3

First off, an announcement: I found a food truck!  Julie was a little nervous, but it all worked out.

The thing I am seeing less success with is sponsorships.  I’m not sure if it has something to do with seeing my name instead of Christine’s, or if I am simply going about it in the wrong way (though I do copy Julie’s format each time I send out an email soliciting a sponsorship from a specific company).  It also could be that it’s simply a tougher task.  On the bright side, the new development director starts on October 1st, so communicating with potential sponsors with won’t be part of my job for much longer.

It feels as though I am making significant progress.  I don’t have the prior experience to judge where I am in the planning process as compared to where I should be, but it seems like things are moving along well.

It’s also easy to lose myself in the tasks and forget why I do this work.  At CASO today, someone new came in.   She has been concussed for almost five years.  As she was telling me about her struggles (and signing up for Team Trinity), I was reminded of the people I’m working for.  As I heal, it’s easy to lose touch with how difficult it used to be to even have a conversation with someone.  My meeting with this person helped put me back in touch with the struggles of a survivor.  I hope this humble reminder stays with me for awhile.

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