Andrew Hatch
Prof. Raskin
Neuroscience Across the Curriculum
29 November 2015
Lecturer in Perception
What I took away was I am even more oblivious that I previous thought myself to be. More seriously, I was eager to attend these lectures because I find the subject matter really fascinating and I plan to take perception next term. She started off her lecture about visual perception by discussing extromission, which is an idea about how vision works, asserting that light emitted from the eye and light emitted from the sun combine and enable us to see objects. Supported by the ancient Greek philosophers, it was accepted for centuries as scientific fact and a recent study concluded that 40% of people still believe that light comes out of the eye.
Next, she discussed change blindness and transduction, principles I was already familiar with from past classes. On a side note, I did really well with the first change blindness scenario but struggled with the second one even after being told what was changing (there is that classic Andrew obliviousness.)

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