Declaring the Biochemistry or Chemistry Major

If you have decided to major in Biochemistry or Chemistry, then declaring your major as soon as you know is good.  Declared majors receive regular updates via email about internships, summer research opportunities, and job openings.

The first step in declaring your major is to select a new advisor.  Biochemistry and Chemistry majors select their own advisor.  Any faculty member in the Chemistry Department would be happy to serve as your advisor.  Some students prefer a current or former teacher as their advisor, while other students prefer an advisor who has not taught them in class; the decision is up to you.  All you have to do is ask the professor whether they will serve as your advisor.

Once your new advisor has said yes, then the two of you should sit down together and fill out the Declaration of Major Form.  This form can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office in Trinity Commons, or from the Chemistry Department Office in Clement 208.

Once the Declaration of Major Form is completed, it requires the signature of both the student and the Department Chair.  When the Department Chair has signed, all you have to do is bring the completed top copy to the Registrar’s Office in Trinity Commons, and you will be an official Biochemistry or Chemistry major!