Catalyst Summer Internship funding by Trinity College Center for Student Success and Career Development

Background: If the only thing standing between you and an unpaid or low-paying internship opportunity this summer is financial support, then the CATALYST SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM is for you! The Center for Student Success and Career Development is proud to offer $3,500 grants to eligible first-, second-, and third-year Trinity students!

To be considered for the CATALYST SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM, submit your application via Trinity CareerLink by 11:59 p.m., Sunday, April 15th, 2018.  A complete application includes:

1. A polished, updated resumé.  We strongly encourage you to make use of the format recommended in our Resumé Guide, which you can find in CareerLink (under CDC Guides –> Trinity Resource Library).  We also encourage you to have your resumé reviewed by a Career Development adviser. You can have your resumé reviewed by making an advising appointment, by coming to our walk-in hours (Monday to Friday, 2:30 to 4:00 p.m., no appointment necessary), or by attending the Resumé Studio (every Thursday at Common Hour, LITC B03).

2. A cover letter (addressed To whom it may concern:) that includes the following information:

  • If you already have an internship:  Details of the internship including your employer, a brief description of your duties, number of hours per week, start and end dates, and amount of payment (if any)
  • If you do not have an internship:  As much information as you can provide about which internships you have applied for or will apply for.  This could take the form a list of potential employers, or a description of the general type of internship you are seeking. If you have applied for internships, please tell us where you are in the selection process, and when you expect to receive a decision.
  • How your internship fits in or contributes to your career exploration or trajectory.  While we do not expect you to fit this experience directly into a specific career path, please detail your interest in exploring this particular profession or area of work.
  • The name and email address of one reference. Your reference should be either a Trinity faculty member or a current or former employer/supervisor PLEASE INCLUDE THIS INFORMATION AS A SECOND PAGE OF YOUR COVER LETTER DOCUMENT.

Frequently Asked Questions, March 2018

What counts as a low-paying internship?

For the purposes of the Catalyst Summer Internship Program, the Center for Student Success and Career Development considers an internship that pays $1,750 or less to be a low-paying internship.

How many hours are needed to receive funding?

The minimum is a total of at least 320 hours. The internship must be at least 35 hours per week, over at least eight weeks.

You might work 40 hours per week for eight weeks to reach the 320-hour threshold. Alternatively, you might have an internship that allows only 35 hours per week, requiring slightly more than nine weeks to reach the 320-hour threshold.

Can I receive Catalyst funding for an internship abroad?

Yes. Catalyst funds may be used toward an internship in the United States or abroad.

Can I work for a family member?

No. While it is permissible for you to work as an intern at a company where one of your family members also is employed, your internship supervisor may not be a member of your immediate family nor should your internship supervisor report to a member of your immediate family.

Who is eligible for Catalyst funding?

First-, second-, and third-year Trinity students are eligible, as are IDP students who do not expect to graduate with the Class of 2018. Current seniors and others who will complete their degree requirements by the end of summer 2018 are not eligible.

Is this opportunity open to international students?

Yes. We recommend that you contact Katie Clair with questions to ensure that you are in compliance with U.S. visa requirements during your internship.

Can I get academic credit for an internship and receive funding through Catalyst?

Yes. As with all internships for which you earn credit, you will need to work with a faculty sponsor and submit an internship contract via Trinity CareerLink. The deadline for internship contracts for Summer Session I is May 10, 2018. Please note that the college assesses a fee of $600 to register for academic credit for summer internships.

Can I apply for this funding again if I received it in the past?

Yes. Past recipients of Catalyst funding may apply again; however, preference may be given to first-time applicants.

I don’t have an internship yet. Can I still apply?

Yes. In your cover letter, please provide as much information as you can about the internships to which you have applied or will apply. This could take the form of a list of potential employers or a description of the general type of internship you are seeking. If you have applied for internships, please tell us where you are in the selection process and when you expect to receive a decision.

We require confirmation from the internship supervisor by May 15.

To whom should I address my cover letter?

Please address the cover letter to Joseph Catrino, Director of Career Development.

If I am selected for this funding, what is required of me to receive funding? How will I receive payment?

You will be required to attend one of three available orientation sessions before the end of the spring semester.

Funding will be disbursed in three installments: $1,500 on June 8, $1,500 on July 20, and $500 in September. The final $500 installment is contingent on your completion of a brief reflection on your experience and active participation in a coaching session with a Career Development adviser.

Recipients who fail to complete the internship or other requirements of the Catalyst Summer Internship Program must repay all funds already distributed.

Is the funding taxable?


When will decisions be announced?

April 19.

Is financial need taken into consideration?

Funding through the Catalyst Summer Internship Program is not based on need. It is appropriate, however, to describe financial need in your application materials.

How will selections be made? Are certain factors weighed more heavily than others?

All applications are reviewed thoroughly and holistically to balance several factors when selecting finalists. Some of the factors considered include: the opportunity for growth, the rigor and nature of the proposed summer experience, and evidence of achievement.


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