Stretching the Truth with Data Visualization

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Racial Data for Greater Hartford School Districts 2009-2010

My intentions were to show stark racial division between Greater Hartford area school districts in 2009-2010 with the map above. To accomplish this I manipulated the data and selected colors that would evoke imagery. I chose to create data visualization for the percentage of white people in a district, instead of the percentage of people of color. I divided the data in increments of four. I used colors that more closely resembled human skin tones to help people perceive certain areas as being “white” and others as “brown”.

Diversity Data for Greater Hartford School Districts 2009-2010

On this map, my goal was to show the Greater Hartford area as diverse. The perceived diversity of this map was achieved by using multiple shades of the same color. I used the percentage of people of color for this map. I divided the data set in 5 to allow for the usage of more colors. For both maps, I altered the information window to show the data that would support my goal of demonstrating diversity or segregation.