I am very pleased and proud to introduce this new WordPress site for showcasing a variety of urban research and engagement projects and experiences of Trinity students in Hartford with connections and extensions to other American and world cities. The initial and growing content on this site confirms and demonstrates the critical importance, varied opportunities, and beneficial learning outcomes for Trinity students at a prominent city-based liberal arts college. I hope you will enjoy visiting this site and come back again as its content and reach continues to grow.

Xiangming Chen
Dean and Director
Center for Urban and Global Studies


Given the growth and accumulation of Trinity students’ research projects in and on Hartford and other cities, sponsored by and through the Community Learning Initiative (CLI), the new Urban Studies Program, and a number of student research grants at the Center for Urban and Global Studies (CUGS), there is a great and timely need for developing a site like this to host and feature the rich body of student urban and community-related research and engagement projects.


This site aims to host and display the content and findings of urban research and engagement projects, broadly defined, undertaken by Trinity students through the programs at and affiliated with the Center for Urban and Global Studies (CUGS). The site is intended to draw more Trinity students to participate in research in and engagement with the city of Hartford and other cities from a local-global perspective.


As students who started our education at Trinity College through its Cities Gateway Program in fall 2013, we have benefited from the variety of learning opportunities for understanding cities within and outside the classroom and the Hartford community. We have developed this site to help other Trinity students see the intellectual and civic rewards from and through research and engagement in our home city and other urban centers around the world. This site will be further developed and routinely maintained by other Trinity students working at CUGS after we move on from Trinity.

Andrew Housman ‘17
Xinyi (Ellen) Liu ‘17
Thomas Rice ‘17