Sources on Trinity student protests since 2007

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Various sources materials on Trinity student protests since 2007

2007 student protest against campus racism:

Alfonso Bui, Some Place I Call Home (Video documentary, Hartford, CT: Trinity College, 2007),
– the library made a digital copy available online in past years. If you cannot find the library copy, I also have a DVD and digital version

2011 student protest against hate:

one of my students compiled a digital collection of emails, news stories, and social media, which the library archived online (campus-only)
2012 student rally after violent beating of Chris Kenny, with some for and some against gating the campus:
see various news stories, blog posts, and a senior thesis:
Christine Dempsey, “Trinity Students Rally For Injured Student, Call For Better Security,” Courant.Com, March 8, 2012,,0,858756.story.
Julia Grasso, “Trinity College ‘Rally for Kenny,’” [includes YouTube video of the rally] Her Campus, March 8, 2012,
Christopher Brown and Kerri Provost, “Trinity Students Rally,” Real Hartford, March 9, 2012,
Kerri Provost, “Trinity Students Oppose Gating Campus,” Real Hartford, March 11, 2012,
Ariel Schuster, “Do Good Fences Make Good Neighbors? An Investigation and Analysis of the Nature of the Trinity College and Surrounding Neighborhoods Relationship as Seen Through Gates” (Senior Independent Study, Department of Anthropology, Trinity College, 2012),