ENVS Program Featured in Recent Newsletter of the Connecticut Geological Society


OK, this time for real :-)
(we’re not that lame to try the same joke twice, and 4/13 would be a bit late anyway…)

After hosting the annual meeting of the Connecticut Geological Society (CGS) last Fall our program is featured in the current CGS newsletter. For the high-res version you can click here, all you guys with prehistoric low bandwidth connections (like me) can access the low-res version here. You can skip right to pages 4 and 5 to read about our program.
If you read the entire thing, which is highly recommended, you’ll notice that the society organized a spring fieldtrip to the metamorphic rocks of western Connecticut this weekend. Jon and Christoph enjoyed a beautiful day in the field, stood on the oldest dated rock in Connecticut and, among other fine specimens, looked at Candlewood Granite, a “highly foliated granite” that others might safely describe as a gneiss – but I spare you the long-winded discussions we had about the naming of rocks. This time it was a granite, but it was certainly a gneiss one!

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