Pope Park Clean-up

E-M1__2805_DxO_700On April 19th about twenty ENVS students volunteered their time to clean up a portion of Pope Park. We met at McCook Hall at around 9AM and headed down to the site, where the Friends of Pope Park welcomed us with an impressive breakfast buffet.

So rather than stuffing leaves into trash cans we stuffed ourselves with muffins, fruit, granola bars and cookies. Finally we got to work: a few of us picked up trash around the perimeter, others took to shovels and rakes to remove the traces pf last week’s fair: tire

E-M1__2836_DxO_700tracks of the heavy machinery that carried the carnival rides. A small flower bed at the entrance of the park yielded an astonishing amount of leaves. It took five of us all morning to get it cleaned out.
E-M1__2820_DxO_700Due to the cold spring there weren’t many invasive species to be had, so Cameron and friends cleaned out the little pond and found the main prize: a very nice shopping cart and a brand-new cooler.
E-M1__2846_DxO_700After three hours of work we returned back to Trinity where we had a celebratory barbecue to finish off the day.E-M1__2860_DxO_700

E-M1__2862_DxO_700Yes, the chocolate cakes were delicious!

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