Lizzie Nelson ’26

Hi, I’m Lizzie Nelson! I’m a first-year at Trinity from Rockville, Maryland, and have recently joined the SoMA team. I’m an 1823 scholar and a student-athlete, playing softball for Trinity, and dabbling a little in both club boxing and soccer as well. I love to sing, and joined one of our a cappella groups: the Quirks! I feel I have a pretty wide variety of interests and involvement and I can’t wait to share my perspective of campus through our various social platforms.

Favorite spot on campus: Practice Rooms in Gruss Music Center in AAC.
Go to karaoke song: Empire State of Mind by JAY-Z ft. Alicia Keys
Favorite food: Strawberries
If I was an animal I would be: A rooster (I love waking up super early!)
Let’s be social: @_lizzienelson on Instagram