Over spring break this year, I visited friends in Florida and Louisiana. While in Miami, one of my favorite restaurants was called My Ceviche. Only 5 years ago, in March of 2012, partners Sam and Roger opened the first My Ceviche in South Beach. It was originally opened as a take-out window, but after just a few successful months, they began to look for potential locations to open up their second My Ceviche. Now they have six prominent locations. Appealing to both locals and tourists, the demand for fresh seafood was growing. Their quick service and light eating menu options made this an ideal hot spot for the fast-paced lifestyle most people lived while in Miami.

My own experience as a Miami tourist at My Ceviche for the first time was exactly that. We walked in and within 10 minutes our food was brought to our table. Fresh, delicious, and not too filling. The portions served were perfect. You left feeling full, but because of the light and fresh ingredients, you did not feel over-full or bloated like you usually experience after a dinner out. All of my friends ordered different menu items from the classic ceviche to burritos to chips and guacamole to tacos to ceviche over a salad. We all tried a little bit of each other’s orders, and there was no dish we didn’t all enjoy.

During my time in Miami this break, I didn’t realize how massive the spanish-speaking community was throughout Miami. During our entire stay, every single one of our Uber drivers was a native spanish speaker, some didn’t speak any English at all. It made sense that this city had so many delicious authentic spanish restaurants to offer, due to the large spanish-speaking population. We found a lot of good taco shops, a few ceviche places, and a really good Cuban restaurant. It’s interesting to see how different communities of different cultures can really transform a city. For example, in my hometown which is heavily populated with Italian and Irish immigrants, you can find really good authentic Italian restaurants, but if you’re looking for authentic taco places, it can be very difficult to find one. Just as when in Miami, we found countless authentic taco places, but the one Italian restaurant we went to, wasn’t authentic and the food was not that good. It’s extremely interesting how people can individually transform cities little by little by infusing their culture into everyday venues such as restaurants like My Ceviche.

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