The Trinity College Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews research involving human participants that is led by Trinity faculty, staff, students, or guests, or is conducted on our campus, or uses college data. Our mission is to foster the ethical treatment of human research participants, and to safeguard their welfare, rights, and privacy in accordance with federal and state laws.

Browser Selection: For the best result, please use Firefox or Chrome for a PC, or Chrome for an Apple based device.

Step 1: Start an online form for any research involving living human subjects. All applicants must answer short introductory questions to determine if your project requires IRB review. Based on your answers, the online form will:
• allow you to proceed without further review, OR
• ask you to complete the entire form for IRB reviewer.
The online form requires a Trinity login. Off-campus guest applicants must email irb@trincoll.edu to request a special username and password.

Step 2: Read definitions when answering questions on the form.

Step 3: Ethics training online (CITI or NIH), if required by form.

Step 4: Learning tools and templates to complete your application.

To request an IRB modification for an application: start a new online form, complete only the introductory and personnel sections, describe any modifications in Background or Comments section, and upload a copy of your original application as an attachment. Please DO NOT open multiple tabs or browser windows at the same time in order to click between tabs or windows to copy from the original to the renewal. Instead, grab a PDF copy of your original application and copy and paste what you need from the PDF.

To request a renewal for a current application: go to the original application and click on the RENEWAL feature, located in the Options column. This will copy information from the original to a new application and create a link to the original. Make necessary changes to the personnel, or any other section, and click on the submit for review button.

To request Trinity IRB reciprocal approval for a study that has already been approved by another federally-recognized IRB: start a new online application, complete only the introductory and personnel sections, describe your request for reciprocal approval in the Background or Comments section, and upload a copy of your original application and prior approval letter as attachments.

See Policy Manual for background and details.

Questions? See definitions and learning tools, then email irb@trincoll.edu.

IRB Administrator:
Carol Darr, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, Trinity Commons 103
Phone: 860-297-2339
Email: carolyn.darr@trincoll.edu

IRB Committee (2019-2020):

David Reuman, Associate Professor of Psychology (IRB Chair)
Jack Dougherty, Professor of Educational Studies
Laurine Bow, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Yale School of Medicine
Garth Myers, Professor of Urban International Studies
Sarah Raskin, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
Laura Holt, Associate Professor of Psychology
Jim Trostle, Professor of Anthropology
Kathy Mallinson, Administrative Assistant for Interdisciplinary Science
Sonia Cardenas, Interim Dean of Faculty, VP for Academic Affairs (signatory official – ex-officio, non-voting member)