Ongoing Tasks

Ongoing tasks are a series of puzzles that are used at the same time as a prospective memory task.  This mimics doing prospective memory tasks in daily life, as people are typically engaged in other activities as they wait for the time to complete the task. Each of the different puzzles include multiple difficulty levels, sometimes ranging from beginner to expert.

For word search puzzles, click below:

Words can be found vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.

Beginner Level Word Search

Intermediate Level Word Search

Advanced Level Word Search

Expert Level Word Search

For cross word puzzles, click below:

Beginner Level Cross Word

Intermediate Level Cross Word

Expert Level Cross Word

For word scramble puzzles, click below:

Beginner Level Word Scramble

Advanced Level Word Scramble

For coloring pages that include math problems, click below:

Beginner Level Math Coloring 

Intermediate Level Math Coloring

For themed word searches, click below:

Anatomy of the Brain Word Search

Animals Word Search

Digestive System Word Search

Sensory Organs Word Search

Sights of America Word Search

Sports Word Search

Anatomy of the Brain Crossword

Body Organs Crossword

Famous Cities Crossword

Holidays Crossword

Sports Crossword


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