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  1. Hey Gilian, one of the first things that I found helpful was reading through was your background research. It really helped me orient myself with your study and I thought it was a good idea to include research on climate change. I think this has to be one of the most interesting studies that I’ve reviewed because it really highlights the role that each and every individual plays in ending the pandemic. I have two questions for you: (1) Do you think that people accurately reported their political ideology? Do you think people could be stating they are more conservative or liberal than they really are? (2) How do you think we can apply the fact that being “more liberal, conscientious, open and agreeable” leads to benefits for the collective, to the general public? Would you suggest fostering these traits in society, if so, how? I also particularly appreciated that you included your results in a table because it helps with visualization and interpretation. I can tell the amount of hard work you put into this project, great job!!!

  2. Hi Gillian, I really enjoyed listening to your presentation, as the topic was interesting and very relevant to current times. I liked that you took the time to really go into explaining the existing literature and background information for your topic. Regarding your results, I thought it was particularly interesting that being liberal (and that other “big 5” personality traits) were significantly correlated to COVID-19 guideline adherence and higher contribution to the greater good. I also appreciated the way that your results were laid out, as it was easy to read them in a table format. Great job!

  3. Hi Gillian,

    I found your study so fascinating. I was especially interested to find out that those who are liberal, conscientious, open, and agreeable are most likely to act in ways to benefit the collective good during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your presentation and your poster were very clear, concise and easy to follow. Great job!

  4. Gill, this was so interesting and I don’t think something I thought of prior to listening to your poster presentation! I think the difference between conservatives and liberals was something I would have predicted, but was interesting a thought I had was proven correct in your study. The most interesting was when you looked at personality traits, which is not something I thought of, but after your study is true. It predicts how people will respond to guidelines of COVID-19 drastically. This study is so relevant right now! Thank you for doing this and sharing!

  5. I have often wondered how things like vaccines end up becoming political issues dividing conservatives and liberals, this is really important work to help explain why that happens and perhaps point to ways we can look at traits to help promote things like public health.

  6. Gillian, well done! Your combination of political ideology and personality was very interesting, and your research so relevant given the ongoing pandemic. I thought your presentation and your poster were also well organized. My study looked at something similar and I actually asked about political views in my survey. Though I did not analyze this data because it was not included in my research question, I’d be interested to take a look and see how it compares with your findings. Thank you for sharing, it’s clear how much effort you put into your thesis project!

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