Trinity Treasure


The voices of The Chapel Singers have been heard at Trinity since the group’s founding in 1825, making it the oldest student organization at the college. They’ve showcased their vocal talents on campus in weekly services and special events, as well as at sites across the United States and overseas, including visits to New York City, Montreal, and Venice. The Chapel Singers are under the direction of Christopher Houlihan ’09, John Rose College Organist-and-Directorship Distinguished Chair of Chapel Music and adjunct professor of music, ex officio, who aims to continue the level of professionalism that the group has shown since its founding. Houlihan notes that the group’s members come from a wide variety of academic disciplines yet share a dedication to musical excellence. “To have students who are this committed and who perform new music every week is remarkable,” says Houlihan, who took over direction of The Chapel Singers after the 2017 retirement of John Rose, his former mentor and organ teacher and a fixture at the college for four decades. Sarah Kennedy ’20, part of the group since her sophomore year at Trinity, feels equally as passionate. “The Chapel Singers are unlike any other organization on campus,” says Kennedy, a Larsson Family Scholar and Charlotte H. Ross ’10 Scholar. “Singing incredible music day in and day out in our beautiful Chapel not only makes us better musicians but also brings us together as students, friends, and members of a community like no other.”

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