Christoph Geiss

I am a geophysicist who is interested in the magnetic properties of soils, sediments and (sometimes) rocks, and how they relate to past changes in the earth’s environment. As a member of both Trinity’s Physics Department and Environmental Science Program I am currently serving as the Environmental Science Program’s director.

I am teaching a large number of courses in Physics and Environmental Science. In the past few years I have taught introductory courses in physics and environmental science, as well as upper level courses in earth systems science, soil science and geophysics.In all these classes I try to be as hands-on as possible. I love to be outside, and I love to take my students outside – to observe the sky, dig a soil pit, identify rocks, and enjoy the outdoors.

My current research projects include study sites in Connecticut and New York, as well as northern Manitoba (very flat) and western Iowa (not quite as flat as one might expect). For more information on ongoing projects check out the research page.