2016 Summer Meeting

2016 Summer Representatives Meeting

Colby College

Waterville, Maine

June 28 & 29, 2016

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As demographic trends continue to shift and the national conversation about college affordability continues, CHAS will consider student debt and the unique, often hidden, costs that underrepresented students face when paying for a liberal arts college education. Please join us for a dynamic conversation focused on student retention and success for institutional representatives from our member institutions. We will exchange ideas, obtain new information, and engage in networking. We look forward to seeing you.


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2016-2017 Faculty Grants

Request for Proposals

The Consortium for High Achievement and Success, CHAS, offers grants for faculty to develop and implement initiatives that meet the institutional need for teaching innnovation. Faculty of CHAS member institutions are invited to compete for funds that will allow them to undertake a project which promotes the high academic achievement among all students with a focus on promoting success and satisfaction among underrepresented students. Faculty members, teaching in all disciplines, may submit proposals that focus on pedagogy and enhancing the faculty’s role in promoting student success and engagement. Both individuals and groups may submit proposals. Projects should be directed at how we teach, or how we engage our colleagues in thinking about how we teach, rather than what we teach. They may involve pedagogical improvements to courses, creating workshops for faculty on mentoring, or other efforts to enhance the faculty’s role in promoting student success and high achievement. CHAS also views these grants as important in supporting the recruitment, retention, and scholarship of underrepresented faculty on our campuses. Proposals addressing campus life are not eligible for consideration. The selection committee will make up to four awards.

The Consortium on High Achievement and Success (CHAS) convened in 2000 to promote high achievement, leadership and personal satisfaction of students, particularly underrepresented students, on member campuses. Consisting of 31 private, selective liberal arts colleges and small universities, CHAS shares campus climate data, holds collaborative conferences, and develops programs to support the whole student, academically, socially and culturally.

Eligibility: All faculty members at CHAS member institutions are eligible.

Deadline: The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2016.

Award: A maximum award of $6,500 will be provided, of which up to $3,000 may be taken as stipend based on the budget submitted with the proposal.

Instructions: Each submission, which should be no more than 3-4 pages, should include the following information:

  1. A brief description of your project and its potential to effect institutional change and promote student engagement and achievement.
  2. A budget, budget justification, and timeline for completion of the project.
  3. A brief summary of your background in promoting student success and engagement in the classroom, and how this project relates to other efforts to promote high achievement among all students on your campus, with special emphasis on underrepresented students.
  4. Your commitment to share the project and outcomes with the larger CHAS community, including a mandatory presentation at a meeting to be scheduled by CHAS upon completion of your project.
  5. Append an endorsement letter from the Chief Academic Officer.

All Materials should be submitted by email to CHAS Director, Jennifer Baszile chas@trincoll.edu

Applications will be reviewed by a designated CHAS committee.
Follow this link to see past awards


Women of Color Conference 2016

The Third Annual Women of Color Conference hosted by The State University of New York – College at Geneseo

Geneseo, New York

March 4-6, 2016

Consortium on High Achievement and Success CHAS Women of Color Conference 2016

2016 CHAS Women of Color Conference

Through a series of engaging keynote speakers and dynamic workshops, the Women of Color Conference aims to facilitate dialogue that examines how selective liberal arts experiences impact women of color.  The conference seeks to allow space for the creation of an inclusive intersectional community that embraces the full spectrum of experience, self-definition, and identity.

Please join us as CHAS continues to lead higher education toward inclusive excellence through institutional transformation in promoting the high achievement and success of women of color.


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Call for Workshop Proposals

2016 Winter Representatives Meeting


In light of the rapidly changing higher education landscape, the continuing challenges related to high achievement of underrepresented students, and especially the forthcoming decision in the Fisher vs. University of Texas case, CHAS will host this conference to facilitate a dynamic conversation focused on student success for institutional representatives as well as access professionals from our member institutions. We have developed our conference this year to help professionals involved in inclusion initiatives anticipate the new realities of their vital work.

 Please join us to exchange ideas, obtain new information, and engage in networking. We look forward to seeing you.




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