CHAS Steering Board, 2023-24

Carolyn Livingston, PhD (chair, 2023-26)
– VP for Student Life & Dean of Students, Carleton

Loc Truong, EdD (vice chair, 2023-26)
– Assistant VP for Campus Life Engagement, Brown

Adrian Bautista, PhD
– Dean of Students & VP for Student Affairs, Skidmore

Karlene Burrell-McRae, EdD
– Dean of the College, Bryn Mawr

Juan M. Hernandez, EdD
– Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Belonging, Curry College

Wendy Maragh Taylor, MSW
– Associate Dean for Student Growth & Engagement, Vassar

John McKnight, EdD
– Dean of the College, Haverford

Harmony Morel, EdD
– Dean of Student Success, Oberlin

Reginald Sanders, PhD
– Professor of Music, Kenyon

in memoriam
Eric S. Estes, PhD
– CHAS Steering Board, 2011-2022
– CHAS Board Chair, 2016-2019


executive director
sourav guha {সৌরভ গুহ}, MPA, MNR