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Cities interest me because of how cities formed and changed from the start of the industrial revolution giving rise to cities to today where cities are considered cultural hubs. Cities are constantly growing and changing. I grew up in the suburbs and always admired the fast pace life of New York City. There were people of many different backgrounds fostering a unique community.
I have learned a lot about Hartford from the classes I have taken at Trinity. I grew up in Connecticut and never really heard much about Hartford besides that it isn’t the safest place to be. Studying Hartford in school was extremely interesting to me. The thing that really caught my attention was the education system and how Hartford is federally funded making it the school system with the most money in Connecticut. This is something most of the students at Trinity don’t even know about. I also thought it was incredible to learn about how much of the population is recently immigrated and primarily speaks Spanish and how that has affected the schools. I think this is something that makes Hartford very unique and that in studying Hartford compared to other cities it is something that will need to be considered.