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“Mix It Up” at Lunch Day at Mary Hooker School

“How would it be if there were no rules?,” one female student asked at the lunch table. A male student cautiously responded with, “crazy;” and another yelled, “awesome!” For “Mix It Up” at Lunch Day two weeks ago on October … Continue reading

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Visualizing Diversity in Connecticut School Choice Programs

Today Elizabeth Horton Sheff and Jim Boucher wrote an op-ed entitled, “State Must Do More to Ensure Education Equity” in the CT Mirror. They recommend interdistrict magnet schools and Open Choice as the main school choice programs that the state … Continue reading

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Revisiting Connecticut Charter School Enrollment

Last June, the Connecticut State Board of Education approved increases in enrollment at new and existing charter schools – from 7,132 students in 2013-14 to 8,183 students in 2014-15, a proposed increase of 1,051 students. But the final enrollment numbers … Continue reading

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What We Don’t Know About CT Graduation Rates: 5 Questions

Recent reports about improved graduation rates could be great news if a larger portion of high school students in Connecticut are graduating better prepared for future adult and academic life. It might also be good news if it means that … Continue reading

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Watching Public School Choice in Connecticut

Last Saturday, May 17, 2014, was the 60th Anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education court decision that struck down de jure school segregation. That same day, Mira Debs, Prof. Jack Dougherty, and I gave a presentation entitled, “Who … Continue reading

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