Essay 3: What do (and don’t) we know about magnet schools and student achievement in Hartford?

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Write an evidence-based essay, in the style of an opinion-editorial (op-ed) essay for general audiences, begins with this headline, “What do (and don’t) we know about magnet schools and student achievement in Hartford?” The essay should be 1,000 words (NOT counting footnotes and/or bibliography, but still include citations for fact-checking).

Your essay will be evaluated on the following criteria:

1) Does the author present a clear and insightful thesis (main argument) in the introduction that responds to the assigned question?

2) Are the author’s claims supported with appropriate evidence? Is the reasoning persuasive and well developed?  Are counter-arguments adequately addressed?

3) added for this essay: Does the essay explain some of the methodological challenges of school choice research, based on our syllabus readings, in language accessible to the general public?

4) Is the essay well organized with smooth transitions between focused paragraphs? Does it include sufficient background for audiences unfamiliar with the topic?

5) Does the author choose precise and meaningful wording, with fluent syntax and correct grammar and spelling?

6) Does the author cite sources in a standard academic format (such as Chicago-style footnotes, or MLA/APA in-line citations with a bibliography) so that fact-checkers may easily locate them?

If you wish, you may include images (such as tables, screenshots, etc.) to illustrate a point in your essay, but only your writing will be evaluated. By themselves, images will not raise or lower your score.

Submit your essay in blind-review format (do NOT include your name anywhere) by the end of Monday, November 12th. You MUST label your file in this format, using your best friend’s birthday, to allow it to be matched to the author AFTER all essays have been evaluated.

Paper1July16.doc (or .docx)

Upload your paper by using this JotForm link to my personal Dropbox.

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